Taking Awards to the Next Level

When choosing awards or commemorative crystal gifts, taking a leap beyond the typical choices will set you apart and give the recipients a beautiful, unique piece they can display on a shelf, desk or in a case with pride.  The illumachrome technique allow a full color image (picture, design, art, logo, etc) to be applied to the crystal, giving it a multi dimensional appearance with added visual interest.

This process creates unique gifts and awards to commemorate any event, recognize achievements or product launches and more. A creative way to incorporate the location of your incentive trip or convention by using an image of the resort or a landscape picture of the area on the awards given out at your event.  Another creative use would be featuring a picture from a project or a volunteer event on a crystal paperweight for each person involved or that contributed.  Need a nice gift to commemorate a new building dedication or ground breaking- use the architect rendering as the background for an piece that will be treasured- a great ideas for colleges, universities and hospitals. Feature a new piece of equipment or a product and add the launch date and company logo to the front for an eye catching piece.  I can’t think of an industry that these would not have a use in.  This technique is especially popular with Colleges and Universities, the Technology Industry, Equipment Manufacturing, Medical Field and for sales and achievement awards. There are so many ways to use this decorating technique that the sky really is the limit.

If you love the look of these awards, but don’t have an image to use, don’t worry. This can also work with stock images or a full color design (some examples are in the video).  We have a vast library of full color photos to fit most industries and we can help you find the perfect one for your awards.

And if you are looking for a piece that will sit out on a desk or counter and you need a design on both sides, this techniqe is perfect.  A backer can be added then printed with an additional message making the piece a 2 sided “billboard” and increasing the visibility of your message.  Using this process is perfect for product launches and for the pharmaceutical industry.

Need more ideas?  We are happy to help, brainstorm or make suggestions!

This video explains the process and features beautiful awards and gift ideas to give you ideas and get those creative juices flowing.

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Variable Data Printing and How It Can Work For Your Business

Variable data printing (VDP) has been gaining in popularity in recent years.  Advances in technology have helped drive the price down, making this an effective and affordable way to really personalize your marketing efforts.   With variable-data (aka variable information) printing, elements such as text, graphics or images may be changed from one printed piece to the next using information from a database or external file.
For example, if you are going to a trade show where your clients pre-register, you can import the attendee names (or their business name) into a spreadsheet and we can then take those name and incorporate them into a promotional giveaway for your trade show booth.  Maybe a luggage tag with your company name and information on the front along with their name and address already printed on the back.
variable data luggage tag full color
Name badges are perfect for variable data printing.  Not only can you change the name on each badge, you can add a department, title or even a picture of the employee.  These also work perfectly for convention or conference attendees.
name badge variable data full color
Making direct mail more personal by incorporating the recepient name, community calendar of events, appointment reminder or even a map from their business or home to your location!  The sky really is the limit with variable data printing and what can be done.
storypac direct mail variable data printing
By creating a really personal piece, whether it’s a post card or a swag item, it increases the likelihood that the recipient will continue to use the product for many months or even years to come.  Variable data come in many forms and is a unique way to make your advertising stand out.  Variable data is much more than names and numbers.  Here are some additional ways we can make your marketing really stand out:
  • Consecutive numbering or bar codes can be added to Loyalty Cards and Key Tags to create a customized loyalty/reward program.
  • Consecituve numbers can be used for an internal incentive program or for entry into an online contest
  • Names and addresses can be added to full color bag tags to add a personal touch to your trade show invitation or your next corporate travel event
  • personalized story packs for dimensional direct mail provides a number of targeting possibilities that can dramatically increase your response rate
  • Variable data can also be used to incorporate a different graphic or logo on each piece to make the item even more appealing to the recipient
  • Personalize an event badge with text or numbering and provide group segmentation (staff, security, exhibitor, attendee or VIP) using varied graphics and/or color schemes
        variable date chaning logo on printed swag
Adding numbers, QR codes, bar codes and individual logos to items are all possible with variable-data printing.
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