A Better Retractable Badgeholder

When we left our favorite sushi place last week after lunch (Mio Sushi in NW Portland), we found someone’s employee photo ID badge lying on the sidewalk. It was on a retractor with a little metal clip & had apparently popped off of whatever it was clipped to. We returned it, but it made me wonder how often that happens to folks who need to carry ID badges for work.

I’m happy to say I just found this new, patented retractable badge holder that is much more secure than the metal clip on kind! It’s such a simple design I’m actually surprised no one’s come out with it before. This plastic carabiner clips securely onto a belt loop, lanyard, purse strap or keychain. It keeps employee badges from getting lost and is great for folks that don’t want to wear a badge around their neck.

This is an especially good item for places where a lanyard isn’t practical, like a construction site. The crew can just keep these on their belt loops, keeping their IDs visible and secure.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THESE BADGE RETRACTORS FOR YOUR COMPANY… we now feature the items on the blog for sale on our website:


Just click ‘Collections’ and go to ‘Items Featured on our Blog’. The turnaround time on this item is about 10 days. There’s a 150 piece order minimum and they’re priced at well under $2/ea.

I hope you are finding good swag ideas on my blog, and please come back often since I feature new swag on a regular basis. Thanks for reading!