New & Different Business Swag Item

Here’s a swag item that recently caught my eye – The Essential Accordion Jotter:

OK, I know what you’re thinking… she’s showing me just another one of those fancy Journal Books, which are nice, but certainly nothing new.

Wrong! Open it up and you’ll see this is new, different & quite useful:

If you’re looking for a fresh alternative to custom journals and notebooks, this Essential Accordion Jotter is a great choice. It’s in the same price range, and it’s an item that many people haven’t seen before. Now don’t get me wrong, I love journals and notebooks as business giveaway items. The problem with them is they’re such a popular swag item that most people already have one (or more) already.

This accordion jotter is a nice size for taking notes (3.5″ x 5.5″) and comes with a refillable/removable jotter pad as shown. The 3 accordion pockets are great for all sorts of uses – keeping coupons, receipts, business cards or notes to self. There’s an elastic pen loop built in to the middle (hard to see in the photo) and these can be ordered with the optional Modern Pen as shown. Extra refills are also available.

The cover is turned leatherette on a rigid paperboard backing, which combined with the flat elastic band closure gives this jotter a high-end, modern appeal. These are priced between $4-$6 depending on quantity, with a minimum order of 100 pieces with custom logo decoration.


Accounting Firms: Perfect client gift for business owners who need to keep receipts & mileage logs

Banks: Great gift for new accounts, perfect size for keeping deposit receipts

Event Marketing: Slip a coupon, brochure or business card into the accordion pockets before the event for extra promotional power

Hospitals: This would be a great gift for new mothers – fill the accordion pockets with coupons for special offers for new moms gathered from local marketing partners.

Non-Profits: A nice gift for donors or volunteers that’s classy & useful but not too spendy

Interested in The Essential Accordion Jotter with YOUR Custom Logo?

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This Accessory Bag has Many Uses

I love coming across simple, useful swag that can be used in a variety of different ways. This little accessory bag caught my eye today as I was looking through new catalogs. It’s cute, useful, inexpensive and unique in style.

WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT THIS SWAG IDEA? The #1 thing I like is the clear window that lets you see what’s inside. It’s really handy for the person using the bag since they don’t have to unzip it or dig around to see what all is inside the bag. It also makes for exciting packaging for the company giving the bag out, as the clear window shows off the goodies inside. It’s a nice way to take a handful of inexpensive items, put them together and make them seem special.

Golf Tournaments – Fill these with logo’d golf balls, tees, candies, chapstick or other small items. It makes a nice gift and the clip attaches it any golf bag!

Conference Registrations – This bag is a perfect size for holding items needed for conferences. Stuff them with items like lanyards, pens, mints, mending kits and little notepads and hand them out at your registration table.

Amenity Kits – These would make great little amenity kits for all kinds of events. Nice for hotel promotions, tour groups, cruise lines, training & orientation events, timeshares or VIP swag.

DETAILS & PRICING: The size of this item is 6.5″ tall x 4″ wide x 2″ deep. It’s made of black microfiber and imprinted on the front pocket as shown. The minimum order is 100 pieces and it’s priced betwee $1.90-$2.18 depending on quantity.

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