A Rainbow of Swag

Pride Month, parades, festivals and rallies offer businesses, corporations, colleges and universities a great opportunity to show their support and to promote their Diversity and Inclusion programs to employees and potential employees, students and to customers across the US (and beyond).

Barefoot Swag offers a wide variety of items with a stock rainbow background that we can add your logo to, such as these rainbow can coolers which are perfect, lightweight giveaways for outdoor events.  Hot summer days lend themselves to hand fans – a popular swag item that also offers a large imprint area for your message.  Slab bracelets or bead medallions are ideal for parade toss items.

T shirts and hats are popular items for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives within a company, college or university.  Tie dye shirts offer a fun option, or we can use the same imprint color on a variety of shirt colors.  Complete the look by matching hats to shirt colors or create a rainbow of hats with such styles as this trucker cap available in many colors.

Items with a full color imprint option, such as these microfibers, allow you to get creative with the imprint and incorporate your logo and message along with a custom background on the imprint area.  Tote bags, hats, adhesive notes, magnets, clips and more can offer a digital imprint to give you a full color option.

Need more ideas or want to know what options are available for your corporate branding for Pride?  Call or email us today and we will put options together that fit your needs and budget.


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Back to School Trends

Source: Back to School Trends by Bic ~Margit Fawbush

It seems like the school year just ended, but we’re already thinking Back to School shopping and promotions. We looked at trends to see what students are going to want to carry around with them when Fall comes and have identified a few items beyond the usual shopping list.


Rucks15861_straight_4cack styling in backpacks is hot – both in retail and high-end luggage, the drawstring closure with flap is everywhere.

KAPSTON® Jaxon Rucksack



Backpacks with extra functionality like 15858_Apple_4cearbud holes, side pockets for water bottles, extra handles for easy clip-on storage, etc are highly sought after.

Homestretch Backpack


grid_it_imageOrganizers help keep tech gadgets in place as well as make-up and other school supplies. A great idea for students who have a lot of small odds and ends to keep up with.  Great for college students to keep up with flash drives, power cords, and other small items so they don’t end up in the bottom of the backpack.




Clip it on! This water bottles features a pop up, drink through, spill proof lid and attached carabiner for clip on storage.  Great option for athletes and mobile hydrators alike. The metal carabiner is durable- prefect for attaching to bags or backpacks.

Vista Bottle 26oz


21180_styled_fcThese keyholders are popular – Students love the brightly colored straps and attach more than keys. USBs, keychains, hand sanitizers, keycards, and more get hooked on and carried around.

Wrist Strap Keyholder


Looking for an upgraded lunch tote? Bento boxes are all the rage, but yo15444_limegreen_4cu need a horizontal tote with an external water bottle pocket to make them work. Check out the KOOZIE® Swirl Lunch Tote and help them keep food fresh and ready to eat.  Great for students, teachers, faculty and staff.

KOOZIE® Swirl Lunch Tote



We are happy to put together ideas for your back to school, welcome to campus or new student orientation needs- just let us know your school, college or university colors and the budget and we are happy to do the research for you.

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