Hit Your Pomotions Out of the Ballpark

Whether you are trying to promote a college baseball team or little league, designing a marketing promotion with a baseball theme (I’m thinking slogans like “We hit it out of the park”, “Our service is a home run”, “You are safe with us”) or putting together a company sponsored outing to a game, we have an abundance of baseball themed swag to help you out.
baseball cowbell noisemaker   custom baseball bank swag fan giveaways   baseball can cooler fan swag
baseball bottle opener baseball game giveaways   baseball chip clip baseball promotion
And what’s a baseball game without snacks?  I mean, honestly, it’s the only reason I can sit through a game.  These fun boxes are filled with caramel corn and printed with a baseball theme to get you through the 7th Inning Stretch.  Fun for trade show handouts, in store promotions or for company game outings.
cracker jack snack box baseball swag
All the classic baseball snacks packaged together make a memorable gift for season ticket holders, sponsors or for each employee going to the game.  Filled with Cracker Jacks, Baseball Peanuts and Big League Chew. We can add your full color imprint to the insert inside the tube so your maketing message is clearly visible.
Cracker Jacks baseball peanuts big league chew baseball swag
No team is complete without a uniform and we have you covered on all aspects of the baseball apparel.  Button up baseball jerseys make great “uniforms” for trade shows, fan apparel at games or even as a fundraiser for parents for little league. Two tone raglan sleeve jerseys come in styles for men, ladies and kids so they make a great promotion for a company picnic, festivals, or game day giveaways.  And of course we can’t forget the iconic baseball cap- great for company outings, in-store giveaways or hand outs for clients.
Baseball jersey with company logo   raglan sleeve baseball jersey adult youth   mesh back baseball cap swag
Contact our team at Barefoot Promotions your Swag Connection to let us help you come up with cool swag ideas for your next promotion, event or company outing!
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Trade Show Booths in the Theme of Things

We have been exploring all aspects of trade shows and convention planning, from your booth (read all about it here) to fun activities to draw attendees in (check out the fun here).
Today’s topic is all about basing an entire trade show, or just your booth, around a theme.  Whether you consider them fun or hokie, tying into a theme can make you stand out from the sea of other exhibitors.  Finding a fun way to make potential clients remember you when they get back to their office or home just takes a little creativity and planning.
Let’s look at some various themes and simple ways to tie them all together.
From Spring Training to the World Series, you can hit a home run tying your display into Baseball. A full color backdrop with a baseball diamond,  dress your staff in baseball jerseys and ball caps, stack up boxes of cracker jacks or have a popcorn machine in your booth with fresh popcorn, give away mini baseball bat pens or stress balls baseballs. It doesn’t matter if your product or service is related to baseball, a little “thinking outside the box” can make the theme relevant to your marketing.
Spring Break or Summer Vacation is an easy and fun tie in.  Staff can dress in tie-dye T’s or Hawaiian print shirts, a kiddie pool filled with mini beach balls (for give away or tie it into an interactive game), give away sunglasses or sunblock and decorate with fake palm trees and throw in some pink flamingos.
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connections we can work with you on putting various elements together to get your message across and stay within your budget.  Check out these golf themed ideas:
   practice putting green for trade show or convention  golf ball yo yo stress toy
Integrate your theme into your backdrop, tablecover, interactive games and into your trade show giveaways.  Click on pictures above to link to full descriptions.  
Sometimes a theme can be as simple as tying in a product with what your business does like SuperMoney did in their booth.  By adding their logo to piggy banks and displaying them at their booth they were able to draw in potential clients.   They created attention with a custom swag item that tied in perfectly with their business- they help clients super power their finances.
custom piggy banks
Maybe you have “just what the Doctor ordered” or “the prefect prescription for…” and can tie into a medical theme.  Corny done right is memorable.  Dress the staff in scrubs or lab coats.  Hand out post-it notes that look like mock prescription pads or syringe pens.  Use caution with this theme though, items that may work well for an audience of all adults can bring bad PR to your company if they are given to kids, such as replica pill bottles filled with candy. 
When you are traveling out of state (or out of the country) for a trade show, it’s good to let us know that.  For example, if you are doing swag to give away that will be traveling with you to California we can work with you to on items that are Prop 65 compliant, if applicable. 
When your events or conventions are family focused or where you will be giving items out to children, that is important we know that.  Items going to children under the age of 12 need to be CPSIA complaint.  By letting us know, we can ensure the custom items you get from us have been properly tested and approved.
We will be happy to brainstorm ideas for various themes with you- we love getting creative and working with you to help get the most attendee to your exhibit.  Call or email us today so we can get started.
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