Garment Finish Terms and What They Mean To You

In our last couple of blogs we have been working to help you understand the (sometimes) overwhelming terms you encounter when buying garments, whether for a company store, uniforms or for name recognition and promoting your business.  Check out our blog here discussing the different types of threads or the one here that breaks down the different types of fabrics. Today’s blog (the last in this series) will explain what all those various finish terms mean. 

Anti-Microbial- this treatment prevents fabric from supporting or retaining odor causing bacteria.  This has become very popular in performance material shirts and is also a great finish for company uniform programs as it cuts down on odor.
Double Mercerization- The treatment of cotton yarn with sodium hydroxide to shrink the fiber and incease its luster and afinity for dye; the process is requested a second time to remove all traces of “fuzz” for an extra smooth finish.
Enzyme Wash– Special softening process results in a soft hand and a distinctive worn look.
Sanded Finish- A soft hand is obtained by brushing the fabric lightly.
Stain Resistant– Fabric resists stain penetration for easier removal of dirt, oil, etc.  This is a prefect finish for uniform programs, especially in the service industry.
UV Protection- Special finish that helps protect skin from ultraviolet light penetration.  This is a good option for golf shirts and well as T-shirts that will be worn for outdoor activities.
Water-Resistant– Light polyurethane or acrylic coating helps resist water penetration in light rain. Seen most often in outer wear such as windshirts, jackets and coats.
Wrinkle-Resistant– Heat applied finish prevents wrinkles from developing.  Most common in long sleeve woven (dress) shirts, but can also be found in polo shirts.

    anit microbial badger performance shirt                enzyme washed comfort colors t ringer t shirt                  UPF sun protection shirt                    wrinkle resistant long sleeve dress shirt Van Heusen
            Anti Microbial T        Enzyme washed ringer T     UV Protection Polo      Wrinkle Resistant Long Sleeve
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