Increasing Patient Retention & Referrals for Dental Offices

Increasing patient retention as well as increasing referrals are crucial to all types of dental practices.

New Patient gift bags are a thoughtful way to welcome new patients to your dental office and make them feel appreciated. The gift needs will vary widely from a Pediatric Dentistry office to an Oral Surgeon, but we can help you find the perfect items for all your patient gifting needs.

Picture Frame magnets go perfectly in gift bags for Pediatric or Orthodontic Dental Offices.

Pediatric Dentist Offices look at gifts that appeal both to the patient and to the parents/caregivers. Fun items that change color, such as these color changing bottles have a “cool factor” for kids and are useful for the adults as well. Encourage proper brushing with these two or three minute brushing timers. Show off that beautiful smile with these picture frame magnets that Mom and Dad are sure to proudly display at home or the office. Fidget poppers are great not only for new patient gifts, but for little patients to use while in the chair to help ease their anxiety. Other fun swag toys such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or puzzle cubes help a young patient be more excited about their visit as well. Package it all up in a cute drawstring swag bag (available in a wide variety of designs) that is perfect to also hold all paperwork and follow up care instructions.

Family and General Practice Dentist Offices benefit from items that appeal to a wider range of patients. Whether you are looking for patient gift bag fillers or items to hand out at a community event, there are a variety of items to fill your needs. A good quality lip balm is always a favorite such as this Bee Balm lip balm version of the retail brand of a similar name. These antibacterial tooth brush covers are one of my favorite items for travel and the toothpaste squeezee is a functional item the whole family can use. Stadium cups are a great addition to a patient gift bag or you can add a lid and use them as the vessel to hold other items. Can coolers are another multi-functional item as they work just as well in a patient gift bag as they do for hand outs at events because they are lightweight and easy to carry around. For the actual patient gift bag, you can opt for a traditional shopping bag look or go for a reusable tote bag to keep your name out there.

Specialized Dental Practices such as Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons or Periodontics may also have needs for referral gifts or items to leave as reminders for referrals. Choosing quality products is imperative to reflect the quality work that you do. Post-it notes are always a great leave behind for other offices as they hang around and get used frequently. Candy jars, such as this acrylic apothecary jar, can be filled with candy before it is dropped off and it also gives you a great excuse to follow up again with the office to “fill it up”. Power banks are a popular referral gift as they are always useful and appreciated. Micro fiber cleaning cloths are a great option for gift bags, referral gifts for an entire office or as handouts at community events, especially if it is a high quality cloth such as this one. Nicer coffee tumblers are also an excellent choice, such as this vacuum insulated tumbler. Choose gift bag with a higher end look, such as this bag with macrame handles.

We are here to help you find the perfect items to fill your Patient Gift Bag, so give us a call or email us and we will put together ideas based on your specific needs and budget. 866-247-4320

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