Creative Ideas To Recognize Graduates

At this point of the COVID-19 pandemic it comes a no surprise that many schools are making the difficult decision to cancel traditional graduation ceremonies. This is such an important milestone in life and holds so much significance in marking the transition into adulthood. Finding a creative way to recognize these students for all of their hard work and help them celebrate their achievements is crucial.

Signs posted throughout town or on lined up on school property recognizing each student creates a unique experience. Lining the school parking lot with signs for each graduate gives a “drive thru” experience for the seniors. With a variety of sign materials we have options to fit all budgets. Each sign can be personalized with the graduates name and we can also incorporate graphics for honor cords they earned. Leave the back of the signs blank and have sharpies available so students can sign the back of their friends signs- at a safe social distance, of course! This will make the signs even more of a keepsake for the students. Call us today to discuss your individual needs and budget and we can help you come up with the solution that works best for you.

Signs can be customized with each graduates name to create a unique “drive thru” experience to recognize each senior.

Private schools and colleges have an even more difficult time recognizing students. An item like this

that can be mailed out to each student alone or with other items, is a perfect memento. Add the school name and Class of 2020 to the bottom front and insert a printed list of all graduates. The insert is visible from both sides of the frame so this works well even for large graduating classes. The graduate can leave the insert in, or they can easily insert a picture of their own.

Insert the graduation program inside the frame to a list of graduates. Insert is visible from both sides allowing room for creativity.

Fun items such as custom socks offer a ton of creative options. Let us print the school mascot , tassels, mortarboard or an argyle pattern in the school colors and Class of 2020. Provide us with a list of names and addresses and we will have the socks shipped to the graduate’s home. We can add a custom printed card or sock topper for an additional message option. These socks will be a fun reminder every time they are worn.

Call or email us today to brainstorm ideas to help you recognize your graduates in a way that they deserve. 866-247-4320

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