The Right Gifts for Employees

At Barefoot Swag we understand that corporate holiday or year end gifts for employees are not always easy to decide on.  What might be appreciated by one, it not fitting for everyone.  Your employees are a diverse group and when you are taking into consideration large work forces in manufacturing or production facilities or large corporations with multiple branches, the interests, hobbies and lifestyles vary greatly.  Wouldn’t it make your life easier (and your employees happier) if they could select the gift they want?  Of course it would!

Our gift selection program makes is easy for you to manage, simple for your workforce to select from and it is quickly delivered to each person.  We feature a wide variety of products to choose from in categories such as jewelry, sports & outdoors, electronics, pets, health, tools and more.

The process is simple:

  1. You tell us the budget and levels you want to offer (example $40-$50; $80-$100)

  2. Barefoot Swag sets up the website (see Demo site below for example).  Have employees that aren’t tech savy?  We can also set up a paper marketing piece to promote the program (see below).

  3. We will provide the codes to match each level.  You can then email the codes or create a holiday gift card with the code to send to each employee.

  4. Your employees go to the site, enter their code and choose the perfect gift for them. They will then receive their gift in 2-3 days.  We can even customize the box with your corporate logo and add a Holiday card signed by the company CEO or President to make it even more personal.

Take a look around our demo site here.  Username: 1991level1 Password: test

Or, if you perfer we can offer a form with the selections you can print out for employees as well such as this one:

Barefoot Swag Holiday Gift flyer example

For more information on our corporate gift program, give us a call or email us today.  We can help you customize a program for all levels of gifting.     866-247-4320

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