Shining a “Bright Light” On the World

A couple of weeks ago we spotlighted one of our client’s, TIP of Portland/Vancouver in our blog.   This week we are featuring another non-profit client, Bright Light Volunteers, and the work they do around the world.

In 2012, after volunteering abroad with her children, Catherine Greenberg had a vision to provide safe, affordable, sustainable service project to communities in need all around the world, performed by groups of students and others who shared her passion, thus Bright Light Volunteers was born.   Bright Light Volunteers brings people together for the better, to teach and learn from one another, embrace new and different cultures and share stories and experiences that shape their lives.  Their volunteer abroad opportunities create global leaders who serve the mission of making the world a brighter place.

Being a non-profit enables the volunteers to truly give their time, services and support to those in need.  At the same time, they are able to have a life-shaping experience that is unique and fulfilling to all.  It is important to Bright Light Volunteers that they not only make a positive difference, but ensure it is for the long term.  They want communities to become strong and independent of their support so they can move on and work with other people and communities in need of help.

To join Bright Light Volunteers on a service adventure, your group (of ten or more) will appoint a leader who will communicate on behalf of the group their goals and budget. Together with a Bright Light Volunteers coordinator and an in-country coordinator of your destination, you will work together to create a meaningful service project, as well as determine what cultural activities to include for your group.

Bright light picture

Catherine says “Thanks to the swag we’ve created and had manufactured for us, every volunteer will become a Bright Light Volunteer! We outfit each volunteer with a tee shirt, a hat, water bottle, bag, and other cool items. These items are designed to be used both during the service program and after, at home. After completing a service program with our organization, volunteers are proud to show off their swag and tell everyone about their time with Bright Light Volunteers. Word of mouth is a time-tested way to spread information, and by having the visual of a tee shirt or a water bottle, our volunteers can feel more confident about relaying our mission and their experience with us.”

To learn more about Bright Light Volunteers visit their website

Follow Bright Light Volunteers on Facebook here

If you would like help creating swag items for your non-profit, contact us today. 



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