Top Ways to 5 Ways Save On Your Swag Budget

Maybe you didn’t allocate for the giveaways at an upcoming trade show and now you have to find a way to squeeze them into the budget.  Or you are a small business and budgets have to be stretched as much as possible.  We understand.  One thing that sets us apart from many online promotional product companies is that we WANT you to get what you want/need without breaking the bank.  Because you know what?  If you get the right item, on time, the imprint looks fantastic, and it gives you great ROI you will be back.  And we will help you find the NEXT perfect item.  So here are our top five tips to help you save on and/or stretch your marketing budget.

1. Plan ahead.  Seriously.  This is the number one issue we see.  We have lots of items we can do in 1 to 3 day rush with your logo.  And we will work with our vendors that are closest to you, but we still have to depend on UPS or FedEx to get your swag to you on time.  And let’s face it, neither of them will feel sorry for you and cut you any slack on rush shipping charges.

2. Buy as much as you can at one time.  Set-up charges can be brutal and frustrating.  It takes time to get your logo sized (sometimes converted to the correct format) and made into a screen or die and aligned to imprint perfectly on the promotional item(s) you selected.  So it makes perfect sense to order the largest quantity you can on one order so that set-up charge is spread out.  Generally, if you reorder within 2 years (with no changes to the logo) the set-up charge on the 2nd order is reduced.    Even if you bump your order up by 25-50 pieces it helps cut your per piece price.  On apparel, this is even more critical. We frequently see that by bumping your order up a few pieces it will drastically reduce your run charges for decorating and cut your per piece price.  Just ask.  We frequently help clients figure out exactly how much they can order (including set-ups, shipping and taxes (if applicable) to not go over a certain budget.

3. Talk to us.  Give us the details of your project. Tell us what you want to accomplish, what your event is, a realistic time for delivery, etc.  The more information we have, the better equipped we are to find an item that will be perfect for you, won’t bust your budget and will give you the desired results. For example, I just had a client that was looking for a gift, wanted to spend no more than $50.  She had selected some bluetooth headphones from our site but after receiving the samples wasn’t thrilled with the quality.  Once she told me who the gift was going to and what they wanted to accomplish I put together 15 corporate gift ideas for her.  The item she ended up loving was $30.  Well below her budget and it saved her a lot of money.  Because she trusted us enough to give us all the details, we looked for an ITEM that was perfect, not the price she was willing to pay.  There is a big difference.  We will sell you whatever you want, but if we have something we feel will work better for you (even if it’s a lower price) we will suggest it.

4. Look at items that will accommodate your logo- both size and colors.  This is another big one.  You picked up a pen from somewhere and you want that exact pen with your logo.  The problem is the imprint can only be 1 color.  And your logo is full color.  Don’t lose hope or give up.  Swag is our life.  We look at it everyday.  Let us help you find items that will work with your logo, whether it be the size or the colors.  Yes, doing a 1 color imprint is going to be less expensive, but if your logo is full color and that is what you are using on all your branding, website, business cards, etc. then to keep it all consistent it might be best to suck it up and look only at items that can do a full color imprint.  Or if your logo is more vertical, don’t try to make it fit a horizontal imprint.  You are just wasting money if your logo, website, phone number or other vital information is too small to read.

5. Ask us about closeouts.  Closeouts can save you a lot of money on swag giveaways.  The down side is that if you love it and want to reorder the exact item probably won’t be available.  Closeouts are generally available year around, however December-February is a great time to stock up on bargains and again in July and August.  With selecting Swag items that are on clearance you need to be more flexible- this is where you look more at a product category (such as tote bags) to see what is available and choose one.  But who knows- exactly what you want might be on clearance and be the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

At Barefoot Swag we work for you.  We are here to be a part of your marketing team- even if that team is just you and us.  Let us help you find the giveaway, promotional item, cool swag that is perfect for your company.  1-866-247-4320

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