What Is Your "Huntington Pen"?

Every marketing campaign starts out with goals- maybe one, maybe several.  And let’s be honest, no matter what your listed goals are the real dream is to create a campaign, event or promotion that far excedes your expectations.  Much like what Huntington Bank did with it’s “green pen”.  If you are not familiar with their ubiquitous pen you can read all about it here.
Living in Columbus, OH for many years (the headquarters of Huntington Bank) that pen was everywhere.  The register at the grocery store, the pen cup at the doctor’s office, it showed up with your credit card receipt at restaurants.  And BAM! all of a sudden there are three in your purse and you have no idea how they got there.  No need to look at the imprint to know it was their pen.  The color and style gave it away every time.  They didn’t choose a white pen with a PMS match for the logo color, they selected a bright green pen with a white logo. Very basic, but highly visible.  They also didn’t choose a cheap pen “just to have something to give away”.  They picked one that writes well, so it has staying power.  People want to use it.  You see that pen in the cup holder at the dentist office and you pick it out because you know it’s going to write.  Yet it is still inexpensive.
Having something so iconic come out of any campaign is every business owner and marketing manager’s dream come true.  And this pen story just goes to prove that you don’t necessarily have to find something different, unique or expensive.  You just need to find the item that is right for your campaign.
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we work with products all day, every day.  We love swag, promotional products, tchotchkes, trade show giveaways, trinkets- whatever you want to call them.  We understand how important these items are to your marketing plan.  We are fine with you going to our website and picking out what you want, but we also love to work with our customers to really understand what your goals are, what you are going to do with the items and who the intended audience is.  Then we can really help you find the perfect item(s).
Call or email us today and we can get started helping you find your “green pen”.
sales@barefootswag.com      866-247-4320

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