Calendars- Old School Marketing or Still Relevant?

Eons ago when I started in the promotional products business calendars were a staple of the industry.  Almost every business used some type, from the small ones with adhesive backs and the tear off month (press-n-stick) that are the perfect size for cash registers to large month-at-a-glance styles that you see in may offices.
Do you still use a paper “hard” calendar or do you depend on your computer or phone?  I do a little of both.  My office has a spot for a year at a glance calendar that I depend on multiple times a day- and I want the same one every year because it works perfecty, fits the spot and makes my work more efficient because I know it’s right there. All the time. 
Many of our clients that do calendars like to do the same one or same style every year because, just like me, people have a spot they put the calendar every year and that’s where it fits.  Change the style, shape, size and it throws everything off.  Banks, insurance companies and funeral homes are some of the industries that like to do a variety of styles- both for home use, business clients, churches and more.  There are so many styles and themes available there really is a calendar perfect for every marketing need.
What type of calendar will work best for your advertising message?  That answer really depends on what type of business you have and who you are trying to reach. Check out some of these examples below:
Smaller adhesive stick on calendars are inexpensive, easy to pop into an envelope with a holiday card or an invoice and mail and come in a variety of shapes and themes.  With shaped vinyl headers and one month per sheet calendar pads, year at a glance removable adhesive and keyboard or computer calendars, you have a lot of options to choose from.
adhesive calendar swag advertising  keyboard calendar removable sticker      mousepad calendar counter calendar adhesive calendar
See more adhesive calendars here.
Wall calendars run the gamut- themed 12 sheet calendars with a different picture for each month, large year at a glance calendars perfect for offices, Almanac calendars, tear off coupons, wall planners, pocket calendars and more.  Check out the wide variety here.
almanac calendar old farmer's almanac ramons calendar    year at a glance calendar commercial calendar office calendar    spiral wire wall calendar scenic picture
To make your new calendars ever more customized and memorable we can do variable date printing- taking your recepient list and adding their first name to each picture on the calendar- ensuring the calendar will be used all year and increasing your ROI.
personalized name calendar variable data calendar
We can do this on desk, wall, pocket planners and more. Check out some of the options here or contact us for more information.
Many companies like to feature their employees, products, add a picture of their building or their fleet of vehicles or team photo.  We can do a completely custom calendar adding your own pictures that you can use for giveaways or for fundraising.  Contact us for all options.
custom calendar swag ideas     custom desk pad calendar     custom calendar small desk
Whatever your needs, whatever your style, we have the right calendar for all your maketing needs. Contact us today to get started.          866-247-4320

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