Promotions for Ghosts, Goblins and Adults Too

We recently featured McGruff the Crime Dog bags on our blog here and linked to additional trick or treat bags here.  With Halloween being the 2nd most popular holiday for expenditures in the retail market, it’s only natural that it offers an excellent opportunity for promoting your business.  Whether targeting kids (parents) or adults in general, we can find the perfect item to promote your business or message this Halloween.
Reflective items are popular for trick or treat night- kids love them and parents appreciate the increased visibility they provide.  Drawstring backpack with reflective face (orange only); reflective zipper pull easily clips to jackets, shoes, costume, backpack and more to add an element of safety; Shoelases with reflective filaments are perfect for Halloween or night races.
pumpkin backpack with glow in the dark face        halloween reflective zipper pull           reflective shoe laces halloween runners
IGCXD-HWWME                           WZFXE-HKTVL                          PZBBG-HKTEP
A natural tie in with Trick or Treat, glow in the dark items are a favorite with kids and adults.  Stadium cups, glasses frames and glow bracelets are fun for community fall events, Halloween parties or trick or
glow in the dark stadium cup             glow in the dark glasses frames clear lenses rave night party                glow in the dark bracelet
 ZGCGG-JYXRH                        WBYYI-JCZRJ                             TGEBJ-IVIVA
An easy tie-in with Halloween and fall in general, check out these pumpkin themed items
pumpkin treat box         pumpkin flavored lip balm beeswax          pumpkin stress ball stress toy
FXDXJ-KGGUG                   IBXDD-IENIY                            DYXDG-IBVVJ
And let’s not forget the Halloween candy to fill those trick-or-treat or Candy by the Carload bags.  Buttermints; snack packs with a choice of fills (jelly beans shown); Hershey miniature bars with custom wrapper.
buttermints trunk or treat halloween candy         halloween snack pack      hershey miniature chocolate candy custom wrapper
ZCBAB-KAVXG                         BXZFH-JWOPG                           JFCEI-HOYTN
 Need more idea?  Just visit our website at and type in such keywords as Halloween, Pumpkin or Halloween candy for even more options.  Or, just give us a call or email us and we will put together some custom ideas for you based on your needs and budget.

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