Why Made in the USA Makes Marketing Sense

It is difficult (almost impossible actually) to walk into a retail store and find a selection of Made in the USA products.  Many people think that is the case with their promotional and marketing items as well, but that is not true.  At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we have a vast selection of US Made swag items.  Using USA Made items in your marketing campaigns, promotions or giveaways is not only viewed favorably by consumers (your customers), but it has a positive impact on our economy as well as making a vast impact on the environment and social responsibility.
Let’s look at some of the ways USA Made give-aways (swag) impacts us:
  • 7 in 10 Millennials view themselves as social activists
  • 4 in 5 Millennials are more likely to buy from a company that supports a cause they also support
  • US Made products are more likely to meet product safety regulations for hazardous materials in general use and children’s products (ask us about CPSIA compliant products as well)
  • More than 80% of consumers prefer products that are Made in America
  • Poor working conditions in overseas garment factories has led to several catastrophes and hundreds of preventable deaths.
  • The typical t-shirt travels to 4 countries, crossing the Atlantic (or Pacific) twice as it goes from raw cotton to yarn to cloth to blank shirt to printed shirt.
  • Vietnam, China and Bangladesh (major importers of electronics and textile products) all have significant air quality issues, due in part to poor regulations controlling factory pollution.
  • US Manufacturing represents 1 in 6 private sector jobs
  • Every dollar spent on US Mfg adds $1.36 to the economy
  • US Manufacturers are anchors in their community, adding to the local economy (taxes, jobs, consumption of goods and services, etc)
While we all understand and realize how much buying local impacts our country, our community and our families, many times it comes down to price and convenience as well.  With our selection of US Made swag we can find the right product to fit your need and your budget.  Below are a few ideas, but please contact us and we can put together some ideas specific to your needs, event or promotion.
made in usa mint tin giveaway      us made mug cup glass     chip clip magnet clip usa made
Made in the U.S.A Food gifts, Drinkware (mugs, stadium cups, tumblers, etc), magnets & clips
usa made measuring cup kitchen giveaways     bayside union made made in usa t shirt     recycled usa made first aid kit
Additional US Made categories include housewares, shirts & hats and Health & Wellness
To view more items click here or you can email or call us and we will put together ideas for you.
www.barefootswag.com      866-247-4320

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