How Essential Oils Can Work With Your Marketing Plan

Essential oils are increasing in popularity for home and personal use, so it’s just natural that trend should work it’s way into the marketing world.  Essential oils are derive their scent/aroma from plants by distilling various parts including seeds, roots, bark, stems, leaves, fruit, flowers or branches.  The Zen Collection we carry offers Therapeutic Grade oils which are highly concentrated.  The aromatherapy of essential oils engages our sense of smell and directly affects our mood.  It can also have an immediate physical impact such as helping you breathe easier and affect the way we function and interact with our environment.
Essential oils work well in an office environment as the scents are not overpowering and our small diffuser it perfect for an office or cubicle.  If employees are sluggish, tired or can’t concentrate diffusing Focus (a minty pine powerhouse) can help give them the jolt they need to focus and concentrate better.
essential oil diffuser for office
Our small essential oil diffuser is perfect for an office, cubicle or home use (this is the one we all use in our offices at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection)
The Essential Oil collection comes in dropper bottles you can diffuse, roller bottles, reed diffusersoap, bath bombs, bath salts and candles so you can choose the perfect product for your marketing needs.
Let us add your full color logo onto the label of the reed diffuser, dropper bottle or roller bottles:
Essential oil roller bottle with logo  essential oil dropper bottle
Essential Oil products are make thoughtful and appreciated give away or gifts for a variety of industries: Hospitals (birthing center, sleep disorder clinics, behavior disorders, surgery center), Wellness Programs (setting goals, achieving goals, motivation, relaxation), Employee Appreciation (Incentive trips, work anniversaries, motivational themes, thank you), Special Events (wedding favors, wellness retreats, silent auction gifts, grand openings, community events). The list goes on and on, and we can help you find the perfect products or combination of products for your needs and budget.
essential oil aromatherapy bath bomb   aromatherapy candle with logo
Bath Bomb and Aromatherapy candle
These items come in a variety of aromatherapy oils or oil blends:
Lavender– Reduces stress, anxiety and promotes sleep (my favorite to diffuse at night)
Peppermint- supports healthy digestive system and mental clarity.
Lemon– Powerful aromatic and internal cleanser
Focus Blend- Helps with concentration, alertness and motivation (I diffuse this one in the office frequently)
Immunity Blend– Support for healthy immune function
Invigorate Blend– Energize and positively affects mood
Exhale Blend– Promotes clear respiratory function
Cloud 9 Blend– Elevates mood and increases vitality
Tranquility Blend– Relaxes the mind and body
For more information on the benefits and uses of each of these please contact us and we will help  you find the perfect essential oil or essential oil blend for your corporate gift or giveaway needs.    866-247-4320

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