Fishing Promotions To Catch the Big One

While fishing isn’t a sport on the level of football or basketball, there are many unique promotional items that can be branded with a logo to promote your event, company or marketing theme.  Below are some case studies about how various companies have used fishing related swag to promote their business or organization.  These should get the ideas flowing, but if you need more help, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will gladly help!
  • Put your name of a Rapala lure to “Reel in the Big Customer”.
  • A lawn care company puts their logo on a weedless lure with the tag line “We’ll keep the weeds out”.
  • A radio station hands out bobbers at the State and County fair with their call letters on the side
  • A car dealership hands out red spoons with “We dare you to test drive the BMW.  You’ll be hooked”
Rapala fishing lure with logo imprint fishing swag
  • Marina handed out spoon key chains with their phone number an what time of day happy hour is
  • Auto parts warehouse handed out a Tackle Box Kit at their sales meeting.  They opened the meeting with “Land the Big One”.
  • Lure customers into your trade show booth while introducing a new product line with a lure imprinted with your logo and slogan.
fly fishing tackle box with imprint
  • Bobbers are a perfect promotion for “Take a Kid Fishing” swag bags
  • Technology company mailed out filet knives letting their customers know that “We are on the cutting edge”.
  • Trout shaped can coolies are an inexpensive and lightweight giveaway for sportsmen shows, marinas and boat manufacturers
fishing bobber logoed fishing swag
Whether you are building a promotion around a fishing tournament or just a fishing theme, we have the swag to help you.  In addition to the ideas above we can add your logo to such items as Columbia fishing shirts, eyeglass or sunglass retainers, waterproof pouches and more.
Call or email our team today so we can put together ideas to fit your marketing needs and your budget.      866-247-4320

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