Taking a Full Court Advantage with Basketball Promotions

Sports promotions at basketball games span all levels of play- from High School through College and into the NBA.  While we all want the perfect promotional item, planning ahead (and more than one set of eyes on the proof) can help prevent mistakes like what happened with the Atlanta Hawks T shirt promotion (read about it here).  These are the kinds of mistakes that give us in this industry nightmares.  While we can’t guarantee we won’t ever make a mistake, we do proof every order here at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection (except extreme rush orders) in an attempt to help prevent any mistakes.
Check out some of our favorite basketball related swag for fan appreciation, to promote ticket sales, MVP Ticket holder gifts, in stands giveaways or just general marketing with a basketball theme.  Keep in mind that if your items are going to children under the age of 12 they need to be CPSIA Compliant (ask us for more information).
custom small vinyl basketball CPSIA compliant swag     Basketball shaped fan swag   Basketball shape chocolate candy giveaway swag    basketball clapper noisemaker swag
Vinyl or plastic basketballs, hand fans (with schedule or sponsor logo on the back), snack packs of chocolate basketballs or clapper noisemakers work well for High School fundraisers or for fan appreciation items at College games.  Basketball beach balls, foam stress balls, and schedule magnets are additional cost effective marketing ideas.
custom jersey rally towel   Basketball drawstring backpack fan swag   roller banner sports fan basketball    basketball hoop office game
Rally towels shaped like jerseys are a fun altorernative to traditional rally towels, while drawstring backpacks make great on-seat giveaways and roller banners encourage fans to interact- add a second side imprint to double the exposure or add a sponsor.  And what door can’t use a mini basketball hoop for an inpromptu game of indoor hoops.
basketball desk office game sponsor gift    basketball bamboo cutting board gift   basketball glasses gift set ticket holder gift
We also have many items for those higher end gifts for sponsors, athletic boosters, alumni, season ticket holder and more such as a fun desk basketball game (more challenging that it looks), a basketball bamboo cutting board or a set of glasses with a frosted basketball impression inside the base.
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