Swag Bag Ideas for the Medical Field

As a kid, going to the Doctor was always made a little less painful if you came out with a new plastic ring or a sticker on your shirt (bonus points if it was scratch-n-sniff).  Apparently I’ve been hooked on swag since a very young age.    Medical offices, hospitals and surgery centers recognize the importance of putting giveaways and marketing materials into the hands of prospective patients as well as current patients.  Finding effective marketing swag ideas to increase your name recognition or encourage patients to use your services again is what we do best.  Let us put together some ideas based on your specific needs, like the ones below:
Small, inexpensive items- in addition to the typical bandage dispensers  and pill cases– that are great for Hospitals, Urgent Care, Doctors Offices, Physical Therapy Offices and other medical facilities to use for general giveaways and are perfect for sponsorship swag bag drop ins:
pocket hand sanitizer pack medical swag    easy dose medicine spoon swag   sun care kit outdoor swag sun safety
Hand Sanitizer Individual packs         Easy view medicine spoon          Sun kit with sunscreen and bandages
After a treatment or surgery, sending patients home with a gift along with their instructions and prescriptions is a nice way to increase good will and serves as a reminder to follow the Doctor’s orders.
gel eye pack surgery gift swag        microbead support pillow after surgery swag            BPA free bottle ounce marks hospital giveaway
Gel Eye Pack                                         Support Pillow               BPA free bottle with ounce marks
Fun swag ideas that are medical themed can also make cool swag bag stuffers for events, as a takeaway after an office visit or as giveaways at community festivals:
stethoscope pen hospital doctor office swag      pill capsule clip with magnet     doctor stess toy swag
              Stethoscope pen            Pill magnetic clip         Stress Toy in Scrubs
Contact us today so we can put together custom ideas for your medical practice.
Sales@barefootswag.com      866-247-4320

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