Motivating Employees To Be Safe On The Job

Workplace safety is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. Employees getting injured on the job costs a company substantial money in lost time, increased insurance premiums and decreased production.  Serious accidents can also decrease the morale of other employess and leave them with a feeling of being unsafe on the job.   Other concerns of business owners of all sizes that relate to the safety of not only employees but also clients, customers and other visitors include theft, fraud, vandalism, trip hazards and more.
Every business should have an Emergency Plan and, of course, adhere to all state and federal safety regulations, but beyond that, putting a plan in place that encourages your employees to not only look out for their own safety and wellbeing, but to also point out potential hazards that need to be addressed can substantially save you time, money and additional headaches.  This is a great Cost of Accidents calculator from the US Department of Labor.  Now that you have an idea of the costs, let’s look at some ways to encourage safety and wellbeing in the workplace.
Employees notice obstacles and potential problems in their workplace enviroment that may not be realized by management until it causes an accident.  Placing a suggestion box in an area that is easily accessed by everyone is one way encourage reporting of potential problems.  When the box is checked (no less than on a weekly basis) reward employees who have pointed out a potential hazard and thank them for their contribution.   By having rewards that are exclusively used to recognize those that have contributed to making the workplace safer you instill pride in the recipient and encourge others to contribute.  After all, what’s a few bucks to be made aware of a problem that could cost you thousands?
safety reward travel mug safety swag            igloo cooler safety program swag            mag lite safety program flashlight swag
Add a safety message along with your logo to help encourage contributions
Having a safety rewards progam in place that rewards all employees for a time period with no lost time accidents encourages each employee to not only look out for their own safety, but for the safety of their co-workers.  We have worked on programs that rewarded for every quarter without a lost time accident with something in the same price range for each quarter.  We have also designed programs that builds on each time period that goes by without an accident (i.e. the first quarter is $5, second quarter is $8, third quarter is $12, etc).  We can help design a program that works for your budget and your needs.
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Let us help you select items that are universally appealing to all employees
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we will work with you on safety rewards that work for your specific needs and budget.  Contact us for more information.   866-247-4320

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