Trade Show Swag

For the last month we have been focusing on all things trade show and convention related, such as our blog here about booths and displays and another on how to generate more traffic to your booth here.
While many corporate exhibit at large national coventions or association trade shows,  not everyone has the need to go all out on a both, sometimes just a table cover and some customized swag are all you need.  Today we are going to focus just on those items we can print with your logo- whatever you want to call them- promotional products, giveaway, swag, tchotchke, trinket, etc.
However, we want to help you find the right item, not just something to hand out.  Make it useful to the recipient, make it relevant to your product, make it memorable.  Buying a pen because it’s .20 just to have a trinket to hand out is not an effective marketing tool.  Let us help you with swag ideas that will get your message across and make you stand out in the mind of your clients.
(click on image below to view full description on our website)
microbifer pouch bag with drawstring    microfiber cleaning cloth    mobile phone rest holder non slip
silicone cell phone wallet pocket    adhesive note pad swag    mobile phone charger battery backup
Contact us today to let us help you find the perfect item to promote your business!   866-247-4320

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