Our Top 5 (Non Traditional) Golf Swag Bag Ideas

It doesn’t matter if it’s a company golf outing, a charity golf tournament or other golf outing- the first thing golfers want to check out is what’s in their swag bag.  There are usually the traditional items – tees, maybe a golf ball, ball markers, divot fixers, etc.  For novice golfers that play a couple times a year these will go in their bag to be used a couple more times.  The avid golfers will add them to their collection.  So let’s step outside the box and find some useful items to fill up those golf goodie bags- ones that are useful both on and off the course.
1. Lip Balm
Available with or without SPF, lip balm is inexpensive and works for both men and women golfers.  Preventing chapped and burned lips on the course, it easily transitions to every day use off the course. The label is a full color imprint for your logo, or we can design a golf background to tie it in with your event.
customized lip balm with SPF
2. Toddy Cloth with pocket
The Pocket Toddy is a take on the Original Smart Cloth, transforming it into a portable and on the go cleaning solution that folds into a small pocket and can be attached to a caring case or purse. Fully customizable, it features plush microfiber that cleans and silky microfiber that polishes.  Cleans smartphones, glasses and cameras on the course  and it also great for tablets, TV or computer screens and more at home or in the office.
customized toddy cloth
3. Hand Sanitizer Wipes
Germophobes rejoice.  This handy resealable canister comes with 30 alcohol free wipes- giving your logo longer visibility after the tournament is over.  Four color process imprint available on the label.
full color logo on alcohol free hand wipes
4. Can Cooler with pocket
Not just any can cozy.  This little buddy will not only help keep drinks cold on the course, it features a pocket perfect for holding your business card, a coupon, raffle tickets, door prize drawing slips and more.  Made of neoprene and customized with your one color logo on the coolie and either a one color or full color imprint on the pocket.
little buddy can cooler with pocket
5. Roll up Tech Case
This handy neoprene case works for all demographics of golfers- It features five slots with elastic straps for holding sables, batteries, charging cords and other items.  It roll up to store in a golf bag pocket, purse, duffel bag or messenger bag.  Your one color logo will be screen printed on one side for visibility.
customized neoprene roll up tech case
These are our ideas…What do YOU like to get in your swag bag in tournaments you play in?  Or what is the most useful items you’ve ever got at a golf outing?

View more ideas at www.barefootswag.com
Or call us: 866-247-4320
or just send us an email: sales@barefootswag.com


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