Holiday gifts

Are you the person first in line at a sporting event to get the free bobble head? Do you love it when someone you do business with sends you a holiday food gift? Can you imagine a year passing without getting a calendar from your most used supplier at work? Let’s face it… people love free stuff! And they tend to keep, use, and remember it, which is why promotional products are such an effective means of marketing and advertising.

The average American owns 9.7 promotional products. Nearly 85% remembers the name of the advertiser on the promo items he or she owns. On average, people keep their promotional products for 7 months and nearly 65% of people pass the items along to someone else rather than throwing them away. This is some pretty impressive staying power and a great reason to consider promotional products as part of your branding strategy.

The purpose of our blog is to help educate you on the world of promotional products including why promotional products work, current trends in the industry, exciting new products, case studies on how an item was successfully used as part of a marketing campaign, different decorating methods, and so much more! With nearly 30 years of combined experience, we’re certain we can help you navigate the land of tote bags, drinkware, apparel, etc. and help you understand how these and other items can increase brand awareness and help you achieve your marketing goals.


With winter approaching, we thought our first blog topic should be holiday gifts. The holiday season is a very common time of year to show appreciation to customers and members for yet another successful year, and giving a gift is a great way to do that. There are so many options out there that a person’s head could easily spin right off trying to make a decision! But here are a few key factors to consider when planning your holiday gifts:

1) Will both men and women be receiving my gift? A gender specific gift probably won’t be a great idea if your target audience is mixed gender. Even items such as bags, hats and apparel should be approached with special consideration so that the gift can truly be unisex. For instance, a duffel or gym bag may be more appropriate than a tote bag when being given to men and women, while a baseball cap may be better for an all-male audience.AG-223

2) Which customers and/or members will be receiving my gift? Let’s face it, as much as we’d all love to give a fabulous gift to everyone on our list, sometimes budgets just don’t allow for this. It’s sometimes a good idea to pick out the customers or members that have contributed the most to your success or with whom you have the closest relationships and send only those people gifts. Narrowing down your list will help you more easily plan your gifts and your budget, which will allow you to either give gifts in the first place or increase the value of the gifts you do choose.

3) What’s the purpose of my gift? If you really are just trying to show appreciation for another year of business or membership, then you may approach your gift giving slightly differently than if you’re using this as an opportunity to both brand AND show gratitude. Straight holiday or appreciation gifts may be less about you and more about them. You may choose to do edible gifts that offer a shorter branding lifespan than other options, or you may choose to make your imprint very small on an item and the “THANK YOU” very large. In contrast, if this is the one time of year that you put a lot of money into your branding efforts, items with more staying power, such as a logoed hat or sweatshirt, may be optimal.


For more holiday gift ideas, please visit our website at and be sure to check out our HOLIDAY GIFTS section.  Happy Holidays!

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