Swag We Love – New Mobile Tech Accessories

We’re halfway through 2014, and the hottest product category so far this year is mobile tech accessories. With people more connected and mobile than ever, useful gadgets to charge and connect their devices are in great demand.
A word to the wise: this is an area where buying quality REALLY counts. If you are going to give people custom-logo items that plug in to their expensive phones and tablets, the last thing you want is to risk damaging them! That’s why we source ours from QCA-Certified suppliers that test and guarantee their products for quality, safety and performance.
This little gadget is my new favorite; I’ve been using it for about a month and it comes in SO handy! It’s a retractable adaptor with a 3-way plug at one end and a USB plug at the other. It extends to 28″ and retracts with a gentle tug. The optional 4-color process dome imprint makes this a good choice for companies with colorful logos.
I love that this USB adaptor works with both my iPhone 5 AND my iPad, and there’s also a micro USB connector. I use this to charge my devices in my car, with my laptop or with my portable mobile charger on the go. Priced at around $5 with a low 100-piece order minimum, this is a must-have custom branded swag item for 2014!
Our new Econo Mobile Charger is a great choice for budget minded buyers who also demand top quality. It contains a rechargeable Grade A Lithium-ion battery that will 100% recharge your iPhone, iPod or smartphone battery. It will provide a 15% charge to iPads and 25% charge to iPad minis. This UL-certified mobile device charger has a lifespan of 350 charges.
Priced between $12-$18 with a minimum quantity of 50, this is one of our most affordable custom-logo mobile chargers and comes in several popular colors. It comes with a connector cord for charging from any USB port. Use your phone’s USB adaptor (or the one shown above!) to connect it to your phone.
This handsome aluminum-wrapped travel charger is a step up in both price and performance. It has an on/off switch and power indicator light, with a lifespan of 500 charges. It will provide a full charge for cell phones and iPods, 20% charge to iPads and 30% to iPad Minis. Priced around $20 with a low minimum order of 15 chargers, this model comes gift boxed for a nice presentation.

Mobile Charger with LED Flashlight | New Item!
Even though it’s so new it’s not even on our site yet, I just have to show you this brand-new premium charger with a built-in LED light that makes it super-functional.
This handsome little guy contains a Grade A Lithium-ion battery that lasts for 500 charges. It will charge iPads to 70% and smaller mobile devices to 100%. This executive mobile charger is made by a QCA-Certified supplier. It’s UL & IEC certified and is CE & FCC approved. It has a super-low minimum order quantity of just 10 units, comes gift-boxed, and is priced around $40.
This slim charger is similar in shape to an iPhone and it fits nicely in pockets, purses and padfolios. It has an extra big imprintable area to showcase your custom artwork, logo or message.
This model will charge iPads to 50%, iPad Minis to 70% and smaller devices to 100% and has a lifespan of 500 charges. Unlike the others I’ve featured, this is the only one with a charging progress indicator bar. This little gem is priced around $45, with a low minimum order of 10 units.
Neoprene Tech Pouch (Item #WMYIF-HLWPZ) & Roll-Up Case (Item #PPBIB-JSIHJ)
Looking to make a lasting impression? We suggest pairing your tech swag items with our handsome neoprene pouches and cases for a first-rate presentation.
The Zip pouch to the left is super-useful and comes with a carabiner clip. The roll-up case is a great accessory for keeping cords, earbuds and USB drives organized on the go. These cases are in the $3-$4 price range with low order minimums.
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