Custom Holiday Greeting Cards Made Easy!

Yikes… is it really almost the end of October already?
I’m not sure how it happens – the holidays are at the same time EVERY year, but they still somehow manage to sneak up on most of us. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to order your company’s holiday greeting cards!
Luckily, that’s going to be super-easy this year with our completely re-designed holiday card store:
Here are some of the features you’ll really like about our new greeting card site:
EASY TO SEARCH – Narrow down the selection by Theme, Color Scheme or Price with just a few clicks
VERSE & FONT CHOICES – Most cards we sell enable you to choose from several inside verses or create your own. You can also try out different fonts until your cards look JUST the way you want them to
CHOICES FOR EVERY BUDGET & TASTE – No kidding, our selection is huge and has something for everyone. We have very plain and simple cards, and fancy ones too. There are sleek modern looks, cityscapes, old-fashioned traditional scenes, humorous cards, religious themes, cards for specific industries and much, much more!
CUSTOM LOGO GREETING CARDS – Do you want your Company Logo on your year-end cards? There are lots of that are designed to feature your company logo
DESIGN YOUR OWN CARDS – We offer tons of custom photo cards, which are popular for personal and business use. You can also upload original artwork for the front of your cards instead of a photo. If you combine that with a custom inside verse you have a 100% custom greeting card that is uniquely yours.
UPLOAD YOUR OWN SIGNATURES – Scan & upload your signatures for a personal touch
CALENDAR GREETING CARDS – We have a nice selection of cards that fold out into handy 2014 wall calendars
GOING GREEN? – We offer lots of choices that are made with recycled paper
ORDER 24/7 – You can create your custom card order in minutes when it’s convenient for you and proof it online
RETURN ADDRESS PRINTING & NO-LICK ENVELOPES – These features are offered on every order & they make it really easy. When your cards arrive just put them into the fast-stick envelopes and add your mailing labels. No signing, no licking, just pop ’em in the mail and you’re done!
FAST DELIVERY – Most card orders ship within 2 business days
You’ll find a link to our new card store on our homepage ( as well as several BRAND NEW links for year-end gift ideas – just in case you need to look for those too.
Thanks for reading our blog & hope we can help you with your holiday cards this year 🙂

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