New Swag Idea: Customized Texting Gloves

These touch-screen compatible winter gloves may be the best tech-friendly business gift of 2012. They enable fumble-free texting with toasty warm fingers!

TouchScreen gloves are a hot retail item this holiday season. Now Swag Connection can offer them with your custom-embroidered company logo – just in time for year-end business giving.

There are a few different versions of these gloves offered in the promotional products industry, which I’ve narrowed down to my two top picks for you (based on quality, price and style).

On the high end, there’s these REALLY NICE name-brand Isotoner SmartTouch Gloves:

Swag Connection #RSVEJ-ILDBB

The Isotoner SmartTouch brand gloves feature a conductive thread on each index finger and thumb, which allows the use of touch screen devices with the gloves on. They’re water repellant with a comfortable stretchy material and soft, fleecy lining.

A grippy silicone finish on the palms keeps items from slipping. These high-tech gloves are stylish and look equally good on women and men. They make it easy to do everyday things like use tablet computers, cellphones, ATMs or touch-screen gas pumps without having to take your gloves on and off.

While these Isotoner brand gloves are the nicest looking and most functional of the touchscreen glove brands I’ve seen, they’re not cheap (right around $30/pair with custom embroidery). The order minimum is low though, you can order as few as 12 pairs. They also come in sizes S, M, L & XL, which ensures a good fit for people of all sizes.
If you like this idea, but can’t step up to the Isotoner SmartTouch gloves, then I’d recommend our Suntex Texting Gloves. These are also very nice quality, in the $6-$8 per pair price range:

Swag Connection #OKYGA-FEVDM

These are a polyester knit glove, featuring small silicone ‘dots’ on the palm sides for secure gripping. They feature the same conductive thread feature that allows them to be used with touch-screens. This style is decorated with a logo applique on the outer wrist as shown. These are one-size-fits-all style. On this brand we can offer FREE setup for your custom logo embroidery in up to 9 thread colors. The minimum order for this style is 48 pairs.


Swag Connection is here to help! Click through on the links under the photos (above) to view pricing and more information on our website.

You can request a quote via the site, or simply call or email me directly if you prefer:
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Lots of our clients first find us through my blog, so don’t be shy… I’m happy to help & would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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