Awareness Ribbon Custom Swag

Swag Connection introduces the AWARENESS LINE – a brand new source for custom branded items with a Cause or Awareness message.

“Handle With Care” Bags – Awareness Line Item awa2854

The Awareness Line is a brand-new product line with an exclusive focus on Cause and Awareness custom-logo swag items. Their popular ‘Handle With Care’ bags make great swag bags for any cause-related event.

Better yet, the Awareness Line donates 3% of their profits to awareness charities!

If your organization needs custom-logo swag ideas to tie in with your sponsorship of Race for the Cure or other causes, you’ll find some good ones in this PDF catalog:

Click Here to view the Awareness Line products on a PDF
(opens in a new window)

We also offer lots of other awareness ribbon-themed swag items on our website:

Click here for more Awareness Ribbon ideas

We’d love to hear from you!

Toll free: 866-247-4320      Email:

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