New Swag Idea: Metallic Flexi-Bottles

Folding Water Bottles have been the biggest ‘new hot swag item’ for 2011. They have a lot of advantages over regular reusable water bottles. They cost less, they’re much cheaper to ship and they take a lot less room to store. From a user’s perspective they’re easier to carry around, tucking easily into a pocket or purse (which also makes them great for travel).

I especially like these new styles from our PrimeLine Catalog, which have a metallic finish. Personally, I think the metallic gives these a more festive & high-end look than the translucent ones:

Curvy 13.5oz Flexi-Bottle

Square 6.7oz Flexi-Bottle
Swag Connection item #SSVJA-HPMVK

They’re made from ultra-lightweight plastic (certified BPA-Free) and feature a push/pull spout with removable cap as well as a handy carabiner clip. They’re dishwasher safe, and priced between $2.00 – $3.25 depending on style & order quantity (minimum is 100).

These cool collapsible water bottles are available with 1-day RUSH production at no additional charge. After all, even procrastinators should have cool swag!

Interested in these cool fold-up bottles with YOUR company logo? Swag Connection is happy to help. Simply call or email us for a quote or sample:

Toll Free: 866-247-4320 Email:

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