Tech Swag We Love: BlueLounge Cord Managers

Ever wondered how to tame those pesky earbud cords for your favorite mobile device? Check out this new swag idea from our Sweda BlueLounge Collection – the ‘Pop’ Earbud Cord Manager:

This sweet little gizmo features a spindle to wrap your earbud cords around to keep them neat and untangled when not in use. You can attach this directly to your iPhone, iPod or other mobile device – or clip it to a strap or belt as shown here:

This is a great way to keep those earbud cords from flopping all over when you’re sweating to the oldies during a run or gym session!

As a swag idea, this ticks a lot of boxes. It’s new, cool-looking, functional and relatively inexpensive (between $4.50-$7.00 depending on quantity). There’s a nice large area to display your branding message or custom artwork. Plus it’s small and easy to store or transport to trade shows, etc.

This swag item is so new it’s not even on our website yet, but you can see more images, details and pricing on the Sweda website.

This and all Sweda products can be purchased from Swag Connection. Just contact us for more info or a custom quote! Toll Free: 866.247.4320 (or) Email:

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