Summer Swag Idea: COOLER Coolers!

Not so long ago, coolers were just… coolers. Utilitarian and rectangular, they were made for functionality without much in the way of styling or different features. The promotional types were either a hard plastic “campin’ cooler” or soft-sided rectangular styles with a shoulder strap.

That was then. Today, coolers are a huge category in the swag business and they come in hundreds of different styles, materials and colors with all sorts of special features. If you click the “Cooler Category” on you’ll find between 200-300 to choose from. Today I’m going to show you some I think are especially good choices if you’re looking to give a cooler that will make a great impression.

First, a few words of advice. This is a category where you tend to get what you pay for. Really cheap coolers (especially those made from non-woven material) tend to be flimsy and thin. They’re usually not sturdy enough to pack with much ice. Request a sample if time allows – it’s very hard to tell in a photo how large or sturdy they are.

The other thing that takes some people by surprise is the way cooler sizes are expressed, which is in number of cans. A 6-pack cooler is the size OF a six pack – that’s a six pack, all by itself, without room for ice. If you want a cooler that will hold a 6-pack AND ice you’re looking for a 12-can or 18-can size. A good swag professional (like yours truly) can help you determine the best size based on your needs and budget. OK, enough with the advice and on to the swag!

Flexi-Freeze Cooler – Item XKUEH-FQTGB

Flex-Freeze is a line of coolers we offer with a unique advantage over traditional coolers – they make their own ice! A patented freezable panel is included, which can be frozen overnight and slipped in to the cooler. It keeps contents just as cold as a regular cooler with ice, but without the problem of melting ice. This uniquely shaped 12-can size is a real attention getter that’s also super-functional. Priced between $11-$14 with a low minimum order of 25 pieces.

(type the words “Flexi Freeze” into our site search field to see all the Flexi Freeze Cooler options)

Pop-Up Cooler – Item CMWKD-GEWHT

Pop-Up Coolers come in several sizes, with the advantage of being easily stored when not in use. This also makes them easier to distribute at events than bulky coolers, as well as less expensive to ship. This 12-can size model is made of durable 600D nylon and features a bottle opener on a retractable cord. This one is priced between $17 & $19 with a minimum order of 25 pieces.

Backpack Chair Cooler – Item HQZLJ-HFKCF

Anyone going to summer festivals or concerts will love and appreciate this super-functional cooler that can be worn like a backpack with a built-in chair. It has handy outside pockets that are great for accessing items like water bottles and cellphones easily. The backpack straps are padded for comfortable carrying. This cooler can also be name-personalized, making it a great choice for recognition programs, sales contests or thanking donors or volunteers. Priced between $21-$24 with a minimum order of 25 pieces.

Arctic Zone Slingpack Cooler – Item WLVNH-HLIUL

Backpack Coolers are a popular choice because they allow hands-free carrying. This one has a great dual-compartment design that keeps heavy cans and bottles at the bottom and food up above. The padded, adjustable strap makes it comfortable to carry even when full. This model is priced between $23-$34 with a minimum order of 24.

Rolling Speaker Cooler – Item TOAJJ-GYRSJ

Speaker-Integrated Coolers are a party to go! Simply plug your MP3 or other music device into the built-in speaker for tunes anywhere, anytime. These high-quality coolers deliver great sound! This heavy-duty model holds up to 48 cans and rolls for easy transport when full. This is one of several Speaker Coolers we offer and is priced between $49-$67 with a minimum order of 24.

Cooler Tote Bag – Item BOANH-HLFCH

Cooler Tote Bags are becoming popular because they’re great for toting frozen goods home from the grocery store. This one is a great choice if your target market is female, and I love the bold color scheme. This is one of several styles of Cooler Totes we offer. This one is priced between $8-$11 with a minimum order of 50 units.

Executive Golf Cooler – Item AOCII-DONDA

Hosting a Golf Tournament this year? These Golf Coolers make a great tee prize that’s sure to impress!. Lots of built-in organization for holding tees, divot tools, cellphone, sunglasses, etc. Features an executive luggage tag, padded handle, adjustable shoulder strap and sturdy construction that holds up to the rigors of travel. This cooler is priced between $30-$41 with a minimum order of 24 units.

If you’re interested in ordering any of these coolers to promote your brand – or if you would like to ask questions or see more great options – I’m more than happy to help. Lots of our clients find Swag Connection through my blog! Please contact me by phone or email: (or) Toll Free: 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading my blog & keep coming back for more Swag Ideas!!

Diane Nudelman – ‘the swag queen’

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