Bike Swag: My Top Picks for Spring 2010

After a long & rainy Northwest winter there’s nothing I look forward to more than getting back on my bicycle. Apparently I have lots of company: according to over 57 million American adults ride a bike at least once a year (as of 2002, I’m sure that’s higher now).

Savvy promotional marketers know that usefulness is the #1 reason a recipient will hang on to swag items they’re given, so why not brand some good bike-related items this year? Here are five of my favorite swag ideas in this category:


Bike bottles take a lot of abuse & anyone who rides regularly will probably appreciate a fresh new bike bottle. This Biodegradable Custom Bike Bottle is made in the USA and holds 24oz. of water. It will fit in any standard bike bottle cage & the neck is large enough to drop ice cubes through.

Most of the biodegradable bike bottles are white or clear, but this one comes in blue & green in addition to translucent clear. This one also has a nice range of cap colors to match your company color scheme. Priced from $.99/ea, this is a great swag idea for tradeshows or outdoor events.

Power Marketing Tip: Stuff bike bottles with smaller items like pencils, candy or special-offer coupons before distributing them.

CUSTOM BICYCLE BELLS are another fun bike-related swag item to put your logo on. Bells are a safety item every urban bicyclist Customized Bike Bellcan use, and this chrome-plated number has a definite retro appeal. Your logo is printed in full color under a clear protective dome, and the bells mount easily to any standard size handlebar. Our Custom Bike Bells have a low minimum order of 100 pieces and are a unique swag item that people will remember!

PROMO BIKE TIRE PATCH KITS come in several different sizes, but I like this one because it’s small & inexpensive with everything a person needs for up to six repairs. The translucent Custom Patch Kit plastic box is wrapped with your custom, full-color label as shown & contains 6 patches, glue, sandpaper and (thankfully for some) instructions.

Priced at under $2.00 this Custom Patch Kit is a great, creative marketing swag idea. Buy a nice bicycle as a grand prize at your next tradeshow and give patch kits as an incentive to enter your drawing – it’s a great way to generate excitement AND leads!

Detachable Bike Light Next up, I just love this DETACHABLE LED BICYCLE FLASHLIGHT because it’s so useful. Clipped to a bike handlebar as shown, it’s a powerful and bright headlight for safe riding at night. Release the clip & it can be used just like a regular flashlight. Great for road riders or mountain bikers, this is an excellent promotional swag idea in the $5.00 price range. We recently did an order of these Bike Lights for a local utility company & they really look sharp with a custom logo (printed on the clip). With a super-low minimum order of 25 lights, this is a swag idea that can fit any budget!

Another staple swag item for bicyclists is BLINKING BIKE REFLECTORS, which save lives by Customized Bike Light making bikes more visible in low-light conditions. Promotional safety reflectors come in many shapes and sizes, but I particularly like this Custom Tail Clip Light. It has 5 bright LEDs with over 100 hours of battery life and has both blinking & steady light modes. It comes with a clip assembly for mounting on a bike and has a nice large imprint area for your custom logo. Priced at less than $6.00 with a low minimum order of 50 lights, this is a versatile, safety-related swag idea that can be used by non-cyclists too!

Last but not least, check out this CUSTOM MINI BIKE PUMP that mounts to nearly any bike frame.Customized Bike Tire Pump Although it’s custom-logo printed, this is a premium-quality alloy bike tire pump that any cyclist will appreciate. Lightweight and powerful, a frame-mounted hand pump like this is a must for long distance bike rides.

Priced closer to $20, this is the spendiest bike swag item I’m featuring. I could see these Custom Tire Pumps used as a gift-with-purchase for bike shops or as an employee incentive for corporate fitness programs. They’d also be a great way to promote a bicycle repair shop or other bike-related business. Comes with frame mount as shown.

Swag Connection also has lots of other bike-related swag ideas. If you type the word “Bike” into the search field on you’ll find over 200 bike-related swag ideas!

We can also hook you up with custom, full-color bicycle jerseys if you have a team or club to outfit.

Just contact me (Diane) with any questions or to discuss your bike swag needs. My direct email is: and my toll-free number is 866-247-4320 (M-F, 9-5 Pacific Time).

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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