Smart Swag Idea: Germ-Killing Mouse Pads

I read somewhere once that the average office keyboard is covered with more germs than the a public toilet seat. If that’s true, it’s really gross, but it sure makes one think about the spread of germs in an office environment – especially now during cold and flu season.

Happily, I’ve found a great new swag idea that can help stop the spread of germs while inexpensively promoting your brand at the same time:

Introducing The Anti-Microbial Mouse Pad!

Ecoswag Item HND-33124

We recently got a sample of this soft-surface mouse pad and have been using it for a few weeks. It’s comfortable, durable and grippy, which are the 3 things we like in a promotional mouse pad. This pad gets bonus points for also being made from recycled rubber, which is why we added it to our website. Given the combination of low price, full-color graphics, recycled material and anti-microbial protection, this may be the best promotional mouse pad on the market!

More about that Anti-Microbial Protection and how it works:
Dirty desk surfaces create ideal conditions for harmful microbes to grow and reproduce. To fight these microbes, our supplier (HandStands®) uses built-in antimicrobial technology to provide an added level of cleanliness.

Here’s how it works: when microbes (bacteria, mold and mildew) come in contact with the product surface, the antimicrobial protection penetrates the cell wall of the microbe and disrupts key cell functions so the microbe cannot function, grow or reproduce. In simple terms, this HandStands® mouse pad featuring antimicrobial treatment is designed to:

-Last the life of the product
-Leave the mouse pad looking great and odor free
-Withstand over 75 washings in hot water

Why The Swag Queen LOVES Mouse Pads as a Promotional Item:
I think with or without the germ-killing angle, promotional mouse pads are one of the best things you can put your company logo on. They’re the quintessential desktop advertiser, literally putting your information at the fingertips of your recipients. Because they’re printed from edge to edge in full color, feel free to go crazy with your artwork design. Add the facts that they’re small, lightweight, inexpensive, easy to store and easy to distribute (including via mail) and I think you can see why I think they’re a great staple swag item for practically every business or non-profit.


  • Include useful information on them for your target audience. For example, the HR Department of a large corporation could put frequently-called numbers for benefits questions on these pads and distibute them to all employees
  • Include them in your press kits or information packets
  • Mail them out to your clients and/or prospects with a special offer

We’d be happy to help you! You can order this item online through our website, or contact us by phone if you prefer. We will gladly answer any questions, send you a sample or quote your custom mouse pad project.

Our Phone: 503-281-6420 in Oregon, or 866-247-4320 Toll-Free
Our Email:

Thanks for reading my blog & keep coming back for more timely swag ideas!

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