New ZoomCatalog Library on

Just a quick post to tell everyone about a new feature we just added to our website called a ZoomCatalog library.

Here’s the story – I’m an active social networker and made a connection on LinkedIn with the founder of ZoomCatalog. She was a promotional products distributor (like me) for many years and (also like me) she was appalled by the amount of catalogs our industry puts into the waste stream every year. Unlike me, she made it her mission to do something about cutting down on catalog waste and the ZoomCatalog concept was born!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was just trying to put together a ‘catalog library’ of sorts on my own (using links to supplier websites) but what ZoomCatalog has to offer is much more sophisticated. It’s allowed me to add an entire online library of catalogs to our website, each exactly the same as the paper catalog versions we have here at our office. The pages are flippable, it’s easy to use, and the technology enables you to search the entire library by keywords if you’re looking for a particular type of item.

I invite you to check out’s Zoom Catalog Library for yourself & would love to hear your reviews or comments. New catalogs are still being added to the library, so over time it will become an even better resource for finding swag ideas.

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