Where to Find Giveaway Swag Ideas – Part II

The Online Catalog Library is growing, with 3 more catalogs added this week in the Giveaway Swag category. Here’s an introduction to those 3 catalog lines and why we like them:

American Greenwood (http://www.americangreenwood.com/)
Kind of a funny name, but American Greenwood is one of the original promotional product companies in America. They started out as a lapel button supplier and recently celebrated 100 years in business. Their product line still includes buttons, but it’s expanded through the years to include a wide array of good quality giveaway items at very good prices.

Here’s an item I chose from American Greenwood that’s perfect for the holiday season:

#440500 – Custom Ornament $3.25/ea

These ornaments are classic, shatterproof & come gift-boxed as shown here. I’ve seen them in person and they look high-end, even though they’re made of plastic. For the price they’re a great giveaway swag idea for your end-of-year marketing. These also make a nice, inexpensive client holiday gift.

American Greenwood ships out of Chicago & earns “A” ratings in our industry for quality, service and on-time delivery. Production time is normally 7-10 days with rush service available.

Quickpoint (http://www.quickpoint.com/)
This is a smaller, more focused supplier with an excellent line of promo items you won’t find anywhere else. Their site is easy to navigate and features a wider selection of American Made promotional products than the other lines I’ve highlighted. Quickpoint was among the first in the industry to offer biodegradable corn plastic promotional products. Their Zippy letter openers are a classic swag giveaway item that’s still very popular, and their Safe Ad collection of anti-microbial promotional products is timely with growing concern about the swine flu.

Here’s an item I like from Quickpoint’s Safe-Ad Collection

#QP-SA6591 Antimicrobial Travel Tissue Dispenser $2.15

This American-made tissue dispenser is made with special anti-microbial plastic that lasts for the life of the product. It comes filled with your choice of Kleenex brand or Super-Soft brand tissues and is refillable. This is a great giveaway swag idea that people will appreciate and keep handy during cold & flu season!

Quickpoint ships from Missouri, with solid “A” ratings for product quality and on-time delivery. Their production time is 7-10 days but they offer 3-day production on many items at no extra charge.

HIT PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS (http://www.hitpromo.net/)
Hit has a little bit of everything in their product line, and they run a lot of specials so it’s a good place to check out if you’re looking for deals. They have a huge selection of traditional giveaway swag items and their site is easy to shop by price or category. One thing I really like about Hit is their bright color palette. In an industry where so many items are limited to boring “corporate colors” Hit’s selection of bright and colorful choices is a breath of fresh air.

Here’s an item from Hit that’s a good giveaway swag idea:

#41 Bottle Bag – $1.99

Simple, useful, bright and a little different… this Bottle Bag holds a 20-oz bottle, keeping drinks cold and hands dry. It features a drawstring cinch closure, belt loop & clip attachment. Nice swag idea for hospitality events or tradeshows – give them out with inexpensive bottled water from Costco for a low-priced marketing giveaway that looks like you spent much more!

Hit ships from Florida, with production time of 10-15 days on most items. They earn a solid “B” in our industry rankings for product quality and on-time delivery. Overall we’ve had very good experience on the client orders we’ve done with Hit, and I feel comfortable recommending their line to clients who are looking for good deals and have a good 3-4 week time horizon for their orders.

I hope this is helpful in giving you more places to look for good giveaway swag ideas. Next week I’ll start introducing you to the product lines in our Business Gifts category – just in time for the holidays!

Be sure to bookmark our Online Catalog Library so you have lots of places to look the next time you need ideas for your creative marketing! Don’t forget – every item on every site in the library can be purchased through Swag Connection with your custom logo.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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