Online Catalogs for Giveaway Swag Ideas

As promised last week, we’ve gotten started on the Online Catalog Library on

In deciding exactly WHERE to begin, I figured we should start with our most-requested product category: giveaway-priced swag ideas for tradeshows and general marketing purposes. In this economy everyone’s looking for cheap & creative ideas to stretch their marketing budgets!

On today’s post, I’d like to introduce you to the first 3 catalogs in our Library – all in the Giveaway Swag category:

I really love the AP Specialties online catalog when searching for swag ideas in a specific price range for my clients. Their site is set up in sections by price: Under $1, Under $2, and so on, with a good selection at each price point.

You’ll find lots of cool swag ideas in the AP Specialties product line that are unique to their line. They do a great job of offering creative products at low price points. Here’s an example what I mean. This is from their “Under $3.00” category and is a cool item I’ve never seen anywhere else:

CPP-2006 Printed Metallic Candy Take-Out

These shiny, metallic-finish ‘take-out’ boxes come filled with candies as shown, and the coolest part is that the CANDIES are custom-logo printed AS WELL AS the take-out box itself. For under $3.00, this is a creative swag idea that’s impressive for the price & really puts the focus on your logo. If you like this idea, check out the rest of the AP Specialties online catalog… and remember – every item on their site can be purchased from Swag Connection.

I’ve had very good experience with our orders from AP Specialties and consider them one of our “preferred” catalog lines. Overall they are rated as “Above Average” by those in our industry for product quality, imprint quality & on-time delivery. Allow for production time of between 7-12 days, and all orders ship from California. They add new items to the line on a regular basis & you can often find great closeout deals on their site on discontinued items.

Crown Products uses the tagline “Whatever It Takes” and they really mean it. With consistently high industry rankings for quality, service & on-time delivery, I never have to worry about our clients being happy with their swag or missing an event date when we’re working with Crown Products. They’re definitely one of our top “go-to” suppliers when it comes to giveaway swag ideas.

Unlike AP Specialties, the Crown Products Online Catalog is arranged by category instead of price. Overall I’d say their product selection is typical of what you expect to find in the promotinal products industry – you’ll find the usual staple items like keychains, letter openers, inexpensive drinkware, pens, etc. Their prices are very good, and they offer free rush service on many of their items.

Here’s an item that’s typical of the of the “bread & butter” giveaway swag items offered by Crown Products:

Color Dome Keychain (Item #CDBCOKC)

These are a classic bottle opener keychain, but a little nicer than most. The full-color logo dome decoration gives them an updated look and allows you to get colorful with your custom imprint. They’re priced at $1.05 with a minimum order of 250 pieces.

Bottom line – if you’re looking for solid value and good quality in traditional promotional giveaways, Crown Products is a great place to look for swag ideas. Production time varies by item and can run anywhere from 3-12 days. They give a lot of product information on their website and have a decent & growing selection of eco-friendly promotional products as well. Located in Alabama, they’re a good choice for our East Coast clients who need quick shipping to meet their event deadlines.

Lanco Promotional Products online catalog
is the first one I go to when I have clients in a rush situation who need giveaway swag ideas. With consistently high quality and super-fast production times I know Lanco can get it done when other suppliers can’t.

How fast is fast? How about 2 hours! With Lanco’s 2-hour production option, we can place our client’s order in the morning and have it ship out that afternoon. Of course you’ll pay more for the super-rush, but it’s nice to have it when you need it! They also offer 1-day and 3-day production on many items.

I’d say Lanco’s product selection is typical for our industry, but it’s broad & includes food items in addition to traditional promotional giveaways. Here’s a giveaway swag idea from Lanco I particularly like – their “Velope” line, which includes these Gumvelopes:

Gumvelopes – Item SB1600

This is a full-color, full-bleed custom printed sleeve with a blister pack of sugar-free gum that slides in and out. It’s a fantastic swag idea for tradeshows and events, with the greatest potential for visual impact of any item I can think of in the $2.00 & under price range.

Lanco’s online catalog is easy to shop & arranged by category. They earn consistently high marks in our industry for their quality & on-time delivery. Based in New York, they’re an excellent ‘go-to’ source for East Coast clients that are looking for swag ideas they can get in a hurry.

I hope you’ll find these to be good resources for giveaway swag ideas, and you can now find links to these sites anytime you need them via our Online Catalog Library on All three of these suppliers sell ONLY through promotional product distributors like Swag Connection… so if you see items you like on these sites please order them through us.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back to find more places to look for great swag ideas!

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