No-Logo Swag for "Stealth Spenders"

Shhh… Can You Keep a Secret??

Some big companies are still spending plenty of money on swag and event sponsorships… but they don’t want anyone to know about it. Here’s a new concept for you – Stealth Swag!

Don’t look now, but swag is going “underground” as certain companies do everything they can to stay out of the promotional limelight. This trend is being seen in the pharma industry, as well as in financial services (especially TARP funds recipients), as firms that used to spend lavishly and openly face increased public scrutiny and government regulation.

These big companies aren’t forgoing their VIP receptions, corporate sponsorships and industry conferences… but they’re going to great lengths now to do these things without being noticed. This “stealth spending” was recently reported on by Leslie Wayne of the New York Times and apparently it’s a growing trend.

In addition to keeping their names off their sponsored events, these companies are also keeping their logo off their swag giveaway items. In fact, some of these ‘stealth’ events are so well disguised that even the event organizers don’t know who the sponsoring company is! So where can you find ‘stealth swag’ for your under-the-radar events? Right here at Swag Connection!

Most people don’t realize that nearly every item we offer can also be purchased BLANK, with no custom logo imprinting. In fact, you’ll typically pay less for blank goods and receive them much faster since most of the turnaround time in our industry is due to the time it takes to custom-imprint the merchandise. Orders for blank goods typically ship out within a day or two, and minimum order requirements are usually waived as well.

If you should find yourself sponsoring a ‘stealth’ event, contact Swag Connection for  “no-logo” stealth swag ideas. And don’t worry, we can keep a secret!

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