Custom Logo Tire Caps

Here’s another useful, everyday item you probably never thought of as a swag idea before…

Custom Logo Tire Caps:

At first glance these may not look like great marketing swag to you. I’ll admit these didn’t get my creative juices flowing when I first saw them either – although as far as swag goes, they certainly are one of the more unusual items I’ve seen lately.

My first thought was that these would only be interesting to people or companies that have something to do with the auto industry. That was quickly followed by my second thought, that no one would ever even NOTICE a logo on a tire cap… so why on earth would companies be interested in them as a swag idea?

But then I started to think about it… and came to this conclusion: If you look beyond that first impression and think creatively, these could actually be part of some very creative marketing campaigns.

First, the obvious: Not every logo is going to work on such a small item. These are only going to play nicely with simple, iconic logos containing little or no text or small details.

Second, the not-so-obvious: The branding impact of this swag idea will not occur when people notice them on someone’s tires. In fact, no one may notice them at all because they’re very small. These are an item where the branding impact will occur at the time you give it to the recipient – and they can have a big impact – especially if they are accompanied by some clever messaging.

There’s a high pun fun-factor here for fearless marketers… “TIRELESS dedication to your needs”, “There’s NO CAP on how much money you can save you” or “We’re DRIVING down prices”. Now that I’ve got you started, I’ll bet you can find more clever ways to tie these custom tire caps in with lots of non-automotive marketing messages.

If you do happen to be in a vehicle-related business, these would be a great giveaway item for multiple marketing purposes. Send them out with Thank You cards to new customers or those who refer others. They’d also be a fun ‘reward’ for test-drivers or service customers. If you want to get really creative, these could be a very interesting direct-mail “teaser”… send one tire cap out on a shrink-wrapped postcard with a special offer… and offer to complete the set by promising another 3 caps to all who stop by with their postcards by a certain date.

These could also be used effectively in a Green Marketing campaign. Here’s an example: Give out or mail a set of custom-logo tire caps with a tire pressure gauge & info about how proper tire pressure helps maximize fuel efficiency. This type of promotional campaign is a win/win – it subtly promotes your brand while helping conserve the earth’s resources AND helping your recipients save money on gas. It’s hard not to feel good about a company that conducts a campaign such as that.

If you honestly wouldn’t have thought of half this stuff yourself, perhaps you should think about working with Swag Connection for your next marketing promotion that involves swag. We’ll help you take your promotional marketing beyond ‘trinkets & giveaways’ and give you creative ideas that will boost your brand AND resonate with your target audience.


They come in sets of 4, and a set is priced between $2.99 & $4.30 depending on quantity. The minimum order is 250 sets. If you’d like more details or want to talk about a custom order, give me a call or email me directly:

Phone: 866-247-4320
My Email:

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new, innovative & unusual swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman – “The Swag Queen”

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