New Swag Idea: Driinn Cellphone Charging Station

Here’s a hot retail product you can now have customized with your logo:
The Driin Cellphone Charging Station
Simple and ingenious, the Driin Mobile Phone Charging Station is a top-selling item at retail stores & on the web. It’s light and easy to travel with, and it solves the problem of where to keep a phone or PDA while it’s plugged in and charging. Just wrap the cord around the Driin and rest the phone or other device on the little shelf. Your phone is neat & easy to spot – making it less likely you’ll forget to charge it or accidently leave your charger behind in hotel rooms, etc.
You’ll find these selling on, and other web retailers for anywhere between $6-$10.
If your company is looking for a leading-edge swag idea for gifts & giveaways, take note. This is one of those relatively rare opportunties to brand a swag item that everyone wants. The simple and modern design of the Driin makes it the perfect canvas for your company logo. This is one of those inexpensive & useful swag ideas that will be kept, used and appreciated by nearly everyone who receives one.
Best of all is the high perceived value of this item relative to your cost. 
For companies buying in bulk with a custom logo, cost is in the $1.60-$2.50 range (minimum order: 250). If you Google this item you’ll see it selling for between $5-$10. This high perceived value creates a positive impression in the mind of those who receive it, and it also makes this a nearly perfect giveaway item if you want to impress your target audience.
These custom Driinn Cellphone Holders come in White, Black, Blue, Red, Pink & Green (shown). If you’d like to see more information, pricing & pictures of them in different colors click here for a link to this item on our website.
These are just one of the very cool swag items we sell at Swag Connection. Simply contact us by phone or email for more information, to get a quote, or to get started on your order:
Phone: 866-247-4320 (toll-free) 503-281-6420 (in Portland)
Email me directly:

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