Buzz-Worthy Swag Idea: Threadlite T-Shirts

Looking to create some buzz for your brand?

Check out these Threadlite T-shirts!

My blog is where I communicate about the new and sometimes unusual swag ideas that come across my desk. This definitely qualifies as a blog-worthy swag idea.

I’ve got to say I just about flipped when I saw these Threadlites T-Shirts the other day. Talk about the ultimate in after-dark branding! Obviously this is premium swag for big-budget branders, but it’s a ton of fun… even Fergie from Black Eyed Peas has been spotted wearing a Threadlite shirt!

To get an even better view of these shirts in action, check them out on this YouTube clip.

The secret is in Theadlite’s exclusive low-voltage technology, which allows any pattern, graphic or text to be illuminated or flashed on any garment or hat. Previous generations of garment illumination relied on tiny holes in the fabric which were backlit with small LED bulbs that made them bulky and limited the design options.

The thin, flexible & durable Threadlite technology is a major advance in bringing light-up technology to t-shirts, hats and other types of fabric-based swag. Another innovation is their Techno Threadz line, which has a built-in equalizer so the shirts actually flash to the beat of the music!

If you work for a company or ad agency that might be interested in these cool light-up shirts for a product launch or ad campaign, we’d love to hear from you.

All Threadlites projects are custom-quoted on an individual project basis.

To get started, you can reach me by phone or e-mail:

Toll Free: 866-247-4320

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