Sweet New Swag Idea: Towel Cakes

Brand-New Swag Idea I Just HAD To Share….

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, a brand-new swag idea like this crosses my desk and reminds me of just how creative the promotional products industry can be.

At first glance this looks like a slice of cake… but it’s actually a sweetly and cleverly packaged 13″x13″ hand towel. The towel itself is unimprinted – your logo and artwork appear on the sticker affixed to the outside of the package. Here are a couple of other styles available:

Not only are these items really creative and clever, they’re MEMORABLE. And isn’t that really the whole idea behind creative branding and using promotional products effectively? I was just reading a marketing blog in Conde Nast Portfolio about Memorable Marketing (click here to link to the blog post) about the “POW” factor versus the ‘wow’ factor. The “POW” factor is truly unexpected, utterly memorable marketing that really connects with the target audience and creates brand loyalty.

This is the kind of swag idea that will make the difference between wow & POW in marketing campaigns for businesses and events such as…

Hotel & Resorts
Cosmetic Surgery Centers & Med Spas
Personal Trainers & Fitness Clubs
Weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Hospital Maternity/Birthing Centers

Other ideas where this swag idea could tie in nicely include:

Any promotion promising a ‘Sweet Deal’
Inclusion in high-end Swag Bags
Any promotion using the tag line ‘Piece of Cake’
Direct Mailer for Client or Employee Birthday Recognition

With a low minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, towel cakes are priced between $5-$8/ea depending on order quantity. For more information about ordering, please contact us at Swag Connection (866-247-4320 or email us: sales@swagconnection.com)

Thanks for reading, and keep coming back for the newest and most memorable swag ideas on the web!

Diane Nudelman
‘The Swag Queen’


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