Eco Swag for Summer – Recycled Flip Flops

Looking for summer swag ideas that are earth-friendly and a little different? Check out the CoCo Eco Flip Flop, customized with your logo on the strap.

This comfortable and distinctive sandal features a sole made of recycled fibers. The recycled coconut fiber insole is breathable (very nice in hot weather). The imprinted straps are made of 100% natural rubber and come in several color choices to fit your brand image. They come in 3 sizes & are assembled and printed in the USA.

With a low minimum order of 50 and priced between $12-$14 per pair, these are an earth friendly promotional product with lots of possible uses:

-Include them in Swag Bags for summer events
-Great employee gift for your company picnic
-Use to promote sales contests for vacation getaways
-Give as a gift to people attending timeshare presentations
-Offer as a gift for test driving a new convertible
-Give as gift with purchase for tours or cruises

Here’s one more innovative way to use this for a creative promotion – send or deliver JUST ONE SANDAL to your prospect, with some clever messaging about getting your ‘foot in the door’ for business. Follow up by offering to bring the 2nd sandal with you if they’ll agree to a brief introductory meeting.

This is probably one of the most unique earth-friendly swag items I’ve seen lately, and I don’t think very many people know about them. If you’re a marketing type that likes to have a creative edge while also embracing sustainability, this is just the kind of item for you!


You can buy these from Swag Connection, customized with YOUR logo. We have more information and pricing on our website (you can order online if you like):

From the home page click ‘COLLECTIONS’ to go to the items featured on our blog.

Feel free to call or email me if you’d prefer to work by phone or would like more eco friendly swag ideas for your business or nonprofit. Thanks for reading & keep coming back for great swag ideas from the Queen!

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