New BioDegradable Pen

I spent a few days last week at the ASI Show in Las Vegas. There were about 600 product lines displayed, at it became clear very quickly that green, eco-friendly and sustainable swag is THE HOT TREND in this industry. Virtually every product line is quickly adding eco-friendly choices, and it’s exciting to see so many cool items being offered that are also sustainable.

We were given a sample of this pen when we registered, and I really like it. It’s called THE ECO (pretty original name – not!). I’ve cut and pasted the technical information about the pen in the next paragraph. What I like is that it’s a good looking pen, it writes very nicely and it’s eco-friendly without that ‘granola’ look of the recycled cardboard type pens. It’s also under $1.00, putting it within reach of any eco-friendly company’s budget.

The Eco is 100% Biodegradable material in which the Mater Bi Class Y/C is a composting material. If the water content is sufficiently high, the Micro-organisms start to consume the nutritional substances, that is, degrade the organic molecules, producing carbon dioxide, water and heat (biodegration), in about 90 Days. This is the NEWEST GENERATION of Biodegradable Pens.

INTERESTED IN THE ECO FOR YOUR COMPANY? I now offer the items featured on my blog for sale on our new website:

Just go to “Collections” and check out ‘Items Featured on our Blog’… the most recent item is always the one at the top of the list. This is also featured in our Eco-Swag Collection, which is a great place to find earth-friendly swag online.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. I have a LOT of new eco-friendly swag to write about from the ASI show, so check back often to get brand new, earth friendly swag ideas. Cheers!!

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