Recycled Moleskine-Type Journal

I’m a big fan of the name-brand Moleskine journals, which were the preferred notebooks of Hemingway, Picasso and other famous artists. The distinguishing features are the book-style binding, attached ribbon bookmark, expanding back pocket and elastic privacy strap.

This recycled journal from our Chameleon line has all the classic features of the Moleskine, at a very reasonable price. Custom-decorated with a screen-printed or embossed cover, it’s one of my favorite new EcoSwag items.

The journal shown here is the smaller, 3.5″x5.5″ size. It’s perfect for purse or pocket. The larger size is 5″x7″ and would be great for training classes, conferences, etc. This is the first 100% recycled journal I’ve found that isn’t wire-bound, and I also like the fact it’s made in the USA.

This is a swag idea that can be used by all sorts of companies. Wineries could brand these as a tasting journal. CPA firms could give them to clients as expense logs. Travel companies could call them travel journals, and athletic clubs could brand them as exercise & diet diaries.

Interested in this swag idea for YOUR company? You can see pricing, information and buy online on our website:

Just go to “Collections” and “Items Featured on our Blog”. You can also call or email me if you’re interested in this item:

Toll-Free: 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading my blog. Keep checking back for great swag ideas!

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