Recycled Swag – GreenNotes Journals on Sale!

I’ll start by saying I’ve always been a big fan of Custom Journals as a swag idea. They have all the elements of great swag – they’re affordably priced, extremely useful, tend to be kept for months or even years & can be completely customized to reflect your look and brand. Add those features to the fact that they are used by people of all ages and walks of life and they’re one of the best investments a company can make in promotional swag.

So what could possibly be BETTER? These GreenNotes RECYCLED Journals. The covers are made of 100% recycled material, printed with vegetable based inks and bound with recycled steel wire. Inside are 100 pages of lined eucalyptus paper (15% recycled content) and you can upgrade to 100% recycled filler paper for a small extra charge.

These come with a FREE ECO PEN and elastic privacy closure that doubles as a bookmark & come in both 5×7 and 7×10 sizes.

Customization Options include:
-Unlined or gridlined filler paper
-Logo printed on each page of filler paper
-Customized insert pages

One of the companies we work with has us insert a company directory into the back of their Journals, which lists the contact information for their offices around the world. They’re a great item for large companies to use internally for employees, as well as for promotional swag.

They’re great not only for businesses, but also for schools, nonprofits, government agencies or even events like class or family reunions. With a low minimum order of 100 books, this is one item that’s a great fit for budgets both large and small.

These are ON SPECIAL through May 1st:

$6.21/each for 5×7 size
$7.65/each for 7×10 size

INTERESTED IN BUYING THIS ITEM OR MORE INFORMATION? We now offer the items I feature on the blog for sale on our website:

Just go to our “COLLECTIONS” section… you’ll find these in both the Blog collection and also in the EcoSwag collection.

You can also call or email me directly:
Toll free – 866-247-4320
Email –

Thanks for reading and please keep coming back often for great Swag Ideas!

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