Go Green with Organic & Recycled Lanyards

Pop Quiz – name ONE thing you get at every conference and trade show you attend.

If you said “Lanyard” you get a gold star (although I’m sure the photo above may have been a rather large clue). So why not do Mother Earth a favor and buy Organic or Recycled lanyards for your next event?

Number one reason is because they’re about the same price as you’d pay for an earth unfriendly lanyard. The Organic Cotton ones are less expensive (under $2) and the Recycled ones are a bit more (between $2-$3). Both come in two widths and four different color choices, with lots of options for different attachments.

Another thing we like – they’re made in the USA by a company with “A” ratings for quality, service and on-time delivery (Snugz USA).

The usual suspects… conferences, trade shows, corporate campuses, prisons, airports, government agencies, schools and universities, all are big buyers of lanyards. These are a must-have for any conference addressing sustainability or global warming!

Snugz doesn’t sell directly to the public, and these are such a new product they aren’t even on their website yet (see, you really do find what’s new when you read the Swag Queen’s blog).

For more information and pricing just contact me at Swag Connection. We’re a promotional products company in Portland Oregon but we work with clients all over the USA. Our phone is 866-247-4320, or email me directly: diane@swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading and GO GREEN!!

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