Holy Granola – These Messenger Bags are Recycled!

Have you been looking for sustainable swag for your company that’s earth friendly but doesn’t scream “granola” style-wise? Check out these cool Recycled Messenger Bags, made from 51% recycled PET plastic.

Duh, look at the picture – these are good looking, especially for a recycled bag!

I personally like the olive green color and would proudly sling one of these puppies over my shoulder for my bicycle commute. They have adjustable shoulder straps, a large front zip pocket and expandable side pockets for water bottles, etc. Messenger bags have a youthful appeal and are more comfortable to wear than a tote bag (and better for your back too). If your company swag has included tote bags, duffel bags and backpacks in the past, the messenger bag is this year’s choice for a fresh look.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION & INCENTIVES – Great item for 1 or 5 year Anniversary Gifts, or for recognition programs like Employee of the Month. Encouraging employees to bike to work? These would be a great incentive item, earned after a specific number of days of bike commuting.

GIVE THEM TO YOUR SALES FORCE – Motivate your team and create some excitement by including these in your next Sales Meeting. They tie in especially well if your company is embracing sustainability or launching eco-friendly products in the year ahead. Also a great item to send out to your distributor or sales rep networks!

COMPANY STORES AND SAFETY PROGRAMS – These are a great addition for any Company Store or Safety Awards closet.

GIFT WITH PURCHASE – Does your company sell bicycles, motor scooters, hybrid cars, solar panels or other big-ticket sustainable items? These would be an appropriate and appreciated gift-with-purchase.

This item is part of Gemline’s Eco-Choice line:


Gemline’s products are sold ONLY through promotional products distributors like Swag Connection. If you’re interested in buying this item or other sustainable swag for your business we’d love to hear from you!

Email: diane@swagconnection.com
Toll Free: 1-866-247-4320

Thanks for reading and keep checking back often for the newest and hippest swag ideas from the Swag Queen!

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