Rock Solid Promotional Idea

Looking for promo swag that ROCKS? That’s literally what you get with these AdStone paperweights – they look just like river rocks that are deep-etched with your company logo or message. Priced at under $5 and presented in a nice velvet gift pouch, these are a fun way to get your message across in a little different way.

These aren’t real rocks, but glass that’s specially shaped and colored. This would be a VERY clever little gift to mail out to clients who place big orders (or salespeople who have a great month) with the message… YOU ROCK. They can tie into a promotional campaign themed around ‘rock solid performance’ or encourage people to ‘take a hard look’ at your product or service. Insurance companies could tie this into a theme about ‘not waiting until stuck between a rock and a hard place’… and so on. Now that I’ve got you going, I’ll bet you can think of lots more ways to theme this particular item!

The other thing I like about this item is that it’s UNIQUE. There are lots of paperweights out there, but there’s something about this one that is really appealing. I like the natural look, the weight and how it feels in the hand. It’s simple, but people will hang on to this item and keep it on their desks.

If you’re interested in seeing pricing and more information on AdStones, here’s a link to the AAA Glass website, which is our supplier for this product-

This is an item that is only sold through promotional distributors like my company, Swag Connection. If you need a good promo swag company to work with, check us out at We work with companies all over the US and would love to hear from you if we can be of help!

Thanks for reading & keep checking back for more new and fun ideas for your corporate marketing!

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