Nice Leather BizCard Cases

Here’s a little upscale swag in time for the holidays – check out these cool leather slide-out business card cases from the Andrew Philips Collection. With so much leather promo swag coming in basic black or brown it’s nice to see some interesting color choices for a change.

This is a hard-shell case with room to hold a good handful of cards. For a really classy gift presentation, logo in the inner case and then put the recipient’s initials on the outer case as shown on the ‘Canon’ example above. People LOVE receiving swag that’s personalized with their own name and/or initials… doing so practically ensures they’ll keep the item you give them and makes it more likely they’ll use it too.

This would be a nice employee holiday gift for professional firms such as law practices, accountants or consultants. It would be a great way to present holiday gift cards… and the case will stick around long after the gift card has been spent.

Best of all – it’s priced around $20 and can be ordered, logo-decorated, in any quantity you like. That’s one thing that’s unique about the Andrew Philips Collection – there are very few suppliers in the swag industry that will do small orders anymore. So if you need just a few nice gifts this year, they’re a good line to take a look at.

Want to see more info & browse the Andrew Philps website? Here’s a link:

Interested in ordering this for your business? Andrew Philips doesn’t sell directly, but only through promotional products distributors like Swag Connection (my company). If you need a good company to work with for your company’s promo swag, I’d love to help you out. My contact info is on my blog profile.

Thanks for checking out my blog & keep coming back for NEW and UNIQUE ideas from the wide world of promo swag!!

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