Power to the People! Turbo Radio Light

Here’s another great business holiday gift idea for less than $20… a 4-in-1 Turbo Radio Light that never needs batteries. Just crank the handle for 1 minute for up to 90 minutes of light!

It’s also got a built-in FM scan radio (with earphone port), an alarm and it can even charge your cellphone. Run it with 1 or all 3 bright LED lights depending on the brightness you need.

This is something pretty much everyone can use, making it a great candidate for holiday giving. The extra “bells and whistles” on this model make it sooo much more conversation-worthy than a regular crank-powered flashlight. It comes in bright yellow as shown, or in a more subtle silver color if you’re not into yellow. Your logo is printed in 1 location, and this is something people will keep around for YEARS, trust me – making it great advertising too!

Priced at $17.69 with a low minimum quantity of just 25 pieces, this is an affordable gift for any business or organization.

Want to see more info and details? Here’s a link to this item on AdvaLight’s website:

Interested in ordering this item for your business?? AdvaLight sells their products only through ASI distributors like my company, Swag Connection. If you don’t already work with a good promotional products professional, please consider me! My contact info can be found on my blog profile.
BONUS: Click this link to see a hilarious skit on YouTube about hand crank flashlights:

Stay tuned for more unique & affordable holiday business gifts from the world of SWAG! Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new ideas. Diane

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