Cool New Style of Polycarb Bottle!

I’m always on the lookout for new styles of polycarbonate water bottles. What started with the simple Nalgene hiking bottle has morphed into a huge selection of different shapes and sizes, and these bottles have become hugely popular as promotional giveaways.

Since they have become so popular, the trick now is to give out a COOLER water bottle than people already own. When it comes to promo swag, above all you want items you give to be used (daily, if at all possible) for maximum logo exposure. So instead of giving a bottle that gets an “oh, that’s nice” reaction, why not go for the “wow, that’s SOOO cool – I can’t wait to show it to my friends” reaction? And this bottle will give you the latter. Bingo baby – your swag rules.

The number one thing I like about this is the neoprene outer liner. It makes it distinctive as well as easier to hold on to, especially if filled up with super-cold water. The shape is simple and reminds me a little of the Vos water bottle – gives it a very urban (or dare I say, Euro) vibe.

With 4 bottle color choices and 13 neoprene liner colors, you can create a combination that works for pretty much any company color scheme. Oh, and did I mention you have TWO imprint locations? One on the bottle and another on the liner, giving you lots of creative options in terms of logo artwork.

The minimum order quantity is a low 48 pieces on this puppy, and it’s priced under $7.00. Fill them up with Heshey’s kisses or M&M’s and give them out as year-end bizgifts!

To see more info and pricing on this item, here’s a link to our supplier’s website:

Interested in ordering? This item is ONLY sold through promotional products distributors like Swag Connection (my company). If you need a good distributor to work with, I invite you to contact me – my info can be found on my profile and I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading my blog – and keep coming back to find more cool SWAG ideas!

One Reply to “Cool New Style of Polycarb Bottle!”

  1. Those bottles look like they may fit in car cup holders. That’s my big beef with most polycarbonate water bottles…so inconvenient for auto travel.


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